Triphazard is an innovative blend of acoustic jazz, poetry and live electronics conceived by Slovene singer / songwriter Manca [mahntsuh]. Triphazard is a musical journey…….a tasteful and intriguing marriage of form and improvisation.....from simply voice and hand drum to highly textured sound.


All Triphazard material is written and arranged by singer Manca Klanjscek. Songs are conceived by way of poetic expression which then finds its extended shape in music.
Instrumentations range from raw voice and drums to fully fledged live sound processing adventures over a sturdy acoustic sound.
Triphazards sets are uninterrupted from beginning to end, connecting the songs with organic threads of processed sound.
Triphazard unites acoustic jazz with spontaneous electronic manipulation in a seamless and natural way. Each element gives way to the other allowing the players the ultimate freedom of expression.


Words Are Like Tears

Written By: Manca Klanjscek

Words are like tears.
One by one they
melt away the sadness,
soften the crust of suffering.

Words are like tears.
After one comes another,
always, like drops of rain
until the pain is washed away.

Slow Down

Written By: Manca Klanjscek

Slow down, unpile the clutter.
Detach, ungrip the urgency.
There is more to be found
by the side of the road.

Slacken the reins, dismount,
bow your head and kiss the ground.
There are seeds to be sown
by the side of the road.

The world is yours to travel.
The way is yours to navigate.
Every milestone ahead,
when you pass, will be there.

Small underneath the sky
are the travels of our lives.
Every shadow you cast
will be gone by the night.
Relive, there's more to savor.
Retrace, your path is there no more.
Bridges built then were burnt
in the wake of your passing.

Tomorrow will paint its change
and its seasons on your face.
Every sunset you see
is the frame for the dawn.

Where all is still
distance caves in
and travel begins
instead into the depth of things.

All you strive for
is already with you
asleep in the moving body
roots, ready to touch the ground
and rise towards the sun.

Time beads like dew
in the palms of the few
who open their blossoms
to the first rays of spring.


Written By: Manca Klanjscek

When night falls dark turns shadows into dreams,
reflections swirling spiral into space.
Through mornings' seams dreams drip into our veins.

With hazy bits of dreams the day begins,
their silky spider webs embrace our days.
When night falls dark turns shadows into dreams

and opens up our memory by its seams.
Like echoes of a morning tide in waves
through mornings' seams dreams drip into our veins


and glaze with liquid sheen our daybreak beams.
And if from truth within we turn our face
when night falls dark brings shadows into dreams

of face to face encounters with our fears.
Our essence speaks within in ancient ways:
Through mornings' seams dreams drip into our veins,

where misty slumber with the morning brims
the thread of life is woven into place.
When night falls dark turns shadows into dreams.
Through mornings' seams dreams drip into our veins.


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Set List

2.Tiger’s Eye
5.Midnight Immersed In Blue
8.Slow Down
10.Words Are Like Tears
11.I’ll Be Your Mirror

2 sets 40 min each