Trip Hop Family Robinson

Trip Hop Family Robinson

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We have an urban style full of progressions. Chords without 24 measure hooks and crossover glare. With all of this comes a live performance inspired by the moves of James Brown, Jackie Wilson, M.J. and M.C. Hammer.On stage or from the studio, we are a band that can rock a multitude of sets.


In 2002, after ripping a set at the local Eargasm, six MC's piled into my 92 Sable for a trip to Waffle House. I noticed that each of us were from a different ethnic group, gender, or musical form. With that observation came a new name (T.F.R.) and the idea of mixing the many styles of this new generation with the rock and soulful styles of old.

At the time the three of us were in a successful band called Jive Mob that was on the verge of breaking up. When the breakup came we gradually came together...Power Jackson, Kenny Baines and DJ Crush to form Trip-Hop Family Robinson.

As a group of young men that are socially aware, we definitely have something to say. Bringing meaning to modern lyrics is at the forefront of our music. Thru rap, funk, soul and rock, presented in a live and electronic format we attempt to open up the perspective of our audience.


Eclectic Theatre...Demo

Set List

All original material with song titles such as:

Steve Austin
The Movement
J Paul
Counter Attack Beta
Family Affair
Player's Life
No Band
Neck Nods
Hands Up
Where Ya At?
Give Thanks
Larry Hoover