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Triple D

 Milton, Ontario, CAN
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my music hip hop and pop music for all ages, youths and adults.


Triple D

Triple D Bio

Triple D, born David Di Stefano, 24 May 1985, Toronto, Ontario always knew he had a passion for music. He grew up in an Italian family living in a Mississauga neighbourhood called Meadowvale. A place where cultural diversity and urban lifestyles continue to flourish, Triple D had plenty of inspiration to cultivate his love for creating hip hop music for the masses. Triple D first took up rapping in high school, influenced heavily by the hard hitting lyrics of rap legends like Notorious BIG, Nas, Method Man and Eminem. Much like these classic rap artists, Triple D writes with his soul and lets his emotions and experiences speak through each of his songs.

With a unique urban sound ranging from powerful emotional songs about struggling through the challenges of life to the reggae and Jamaican influenced vibes of some of his party tracks, Triple D has a sound that can appeal to many. Bursting onto the Toronto scene with the number one hit “Heat it up” feat World renowned Reggae artist Spoila Ranks, which was on the charts for four straight weeks on the hip hop radio station 88.1 CKLN to being nominated for Best Live Urban at the TIMAs (Toronto Independent Music Awards), Triple D strives to make a name for himself in the hip hop industry all over the world. Getting fired up by his captivating performances in night clubs, private parties and even in tropical places like Jamaica, Triple D is a natural born entertainer who feeds off the love from his fans.

Getting his rapper alias “Triple D” from friends in high school for being that fun loving partier “Dirty Drunken Dave,” Triple D never forgets where he came from. He’s very grateful to his family and friends for all their support through the struggles the music industry throws his way. He never lets it get in the way of his dreams and aspirations to deliver timeless, powerful and moving music to his fans.

Triple D is currently working with Class One Music Group based in Brooklyn and is tirelessly rapping in various studios across North America creating tracks that will soon be released.

“There is nothing in the world so much like prayer as music is.”
~William P. Merrill


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