Triple Delight

Triple Delight


Triple Delight's music is equal parts organic and electronic. Textural soundscapes are laid over beats that rock the floor. Sometimes dense, sometimes spacey, always thumpin', it's the music of the funky future.


Triple Delight is a new New Orleans musical offspring. Though born in the laboratory, Triple Delight grew up on a funky street and shows up at the club looking to move asses. A species yet new to science, it is a hybrid with electronics spliced into the flesh and blood of live musicianship. Triple Delight employs on-stage soft samplers and synths to effect and accompany acoustic elements (live drums, guitar, keys, vocals). The expressed behavior of this gene code travels a variety of electronic styles from hip-hop to four-on-the-floor thumpers to downtempo grooves and involves equal parts soundscape and dance.


-Triple Delight Live at The Dragon's Den

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-Dance of the Beeps

Set List

A Triple Delight set is tailored to the venue and the audience. If the people want to dance, they'll get the thump. In a lounge setting, spacey and textural is the name of the game. Being from New Orleans, Triple Delight can play 'til dawn.