Triple Double

Triple Double

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Triple Double has been marketed from the ground up embodying a classy, urban look with NYC's Hip Hop sound. Incorporating Weed, Wine and Women as our mantra, Triple Double's markets range from college students to Hip Hop junkies worldwide. We are unique not different. Red Tooth Rap


NYC's latest Hip Hop tandem, Triple Double, comprised of Clean Cut Chris and Too Deep bring to the table a new vintage of music. Their sounds and aesthetics produce a pairing unlike any in the entertainment industry. Hailing from Manhattan and Queens, these two artists have been inspired by the golden era of Hip Hop as well as finding inspiration from the new wave of rappers and entertainers. Triple Double combines a classy, urban image with lyrical substance and a hint of humor. Producing creative content over jazzy renditions this duo identifies itself with the mantra Weed, Wine and Women.


"Take You There" , Video Release
"Triple Double" , Video Release
"Trip Dub Feeling" Video Release
Red Tooth Rap Mixtape

Set List

Who Am I
Here I Go
Triple Double
Oscar P
Track 1
Cant Ask Why
Take You There