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"Triple Double Slam Dunks On New CD"

Tucson Citizen

Local funky-reggae-jazz band Triple Double get their name from a basketball term referring to an exceptionally versatile player who has double digits in three different stats. It is with this same versatility that Triple Double slam dunks on their new album, "Dot My Eighths."

"Playing one specific type of music would get boring," bassist Preston Winter says. "So if we can mix it up, do a little bit of this with a little bit of that, it's never going to get boring. It's fresh and exciting every time."

Triple Double is so dedicated to this genre ambiguity that when asked what they would consider their predominant style, they respond with a well-rehearsed phrase that the members can recite from memory. Well, all of the members except the band's new rookie player, Alex Sandweiss.

"It's a funky reggae," begins piano player Sandweiss, but he is quickly cut off by drummer Tom Cracovaner.

"No, it's a soul-soothing funky, reggae, blues party! " Cracovaner clarifies.

"I keep forgetting the 'soul-soothing!' " Sandweiss says dejectedly as he mouths the phrase under his breath.

Triple Double was started in 2003 by brothers Jimi Cracovaner (guitar) and Tom Cracovaner (drums.) Together with Preston Winter on bass the band produced two albums.

About a year ago Sandweiss joined the team's roster and the band began work on their new album, "Dot my Eighths." The CD, the group says, is their best and most versatile, with much of the credit going to the addition of Sandweiss and his piano.

"We're doing a lot more harmonies on the vocals and we have a piano now," Tom Cracovaner says. "(Sandweiss) has been a driving force behind the music with us."

"(Sandweiss) has been an integral part of this album," Jimi Cracovaner adds.

One song where Sandweiss' piano influence is especially evident is "Harmony Love Affair." As the name suggests, the song showcases the band's harmony and vocal range that are sometimes lost in the bands faster and louder songs. With just the piano driving much of the song, the vocals come across crystal clear.

The band will perform this song and other material from "Dot My Eighths" at a CD release party May 1 at Plush. Audience members will receive a free copy of the disc and get to see the group in action.

"The most unique thing about our band is our live performance," Jimi Cracovaner says. "We try to not just create the music but an entire experience. We really bring a lot of joy and happiness to our shows. It's passionate. We're just all very passionate. We dance, we try get the audience involved and send people home with a smile."

As for the future, Triple Double plan to launch a regional tour to promote the new album. They also hope to continue their evolution as musicians.

"I can't tell you exactly where our music will go but that's half the fun," Jimi Cracovaner says. "It's kinda like life - you don't really know where it's going to go and you don't know what's going to happen."

The band also plans to get a little practice off the stage and on the basketball court. Triple Double claims that they are not only versatile musicians but also damn good basketball players.

"I think we would like to take on any local band in pickup basketball," Sandweiss says.

"Open challenge, bring it," taunts Winter.

"Direct them to our MySpace page," adds Jimi Cracovaner. "We'll set up a game." - Tucson Citizen

"Triple Double Band - "Dot My Eighths""

What self-respecting college music scene can be deemed "well-rounded" without a funky reggae-blues band to make summer classes a glorified excuse for continued drinking, dancing and veggie-burger barbecuing? Fortunately for Tucson, the band that calls itself the Triple Double Band has just released its third full-length, Dot My Eighths, a tasty, 12-song smorgasbord of toe-tapping musical styles that may inspire a visit to a hydroponics shop on your way to buy textbooks.

Lead track “Whatcha Do” possesses the perfect groove—all chunky bass and bouncy drums—even as the chorus, “Only got one go-around to live life through,” sung by the band’s three vocalists, sums up Triple Double’s carpe diem attitude. For every infectious, Caribbean-influenced number, there’s also a funky pop tune like “Bright Light,” spotlighting the chops of keyboardist Alex Sandweiss and bluesy licks of guitarist Jimi Cracovaner. Triple Double has added some new musicians, too, with Alex Van Slyke and Connor Clowers, sax and trumpet respectively, providing spectacularly brassy horn charts. (Check out Clowers’ raunchy solo in “Classy but Sleazy.”)

But the song that will have your Birkenstocks burning is “Keep This Groove Alive,” an anthem for the jam-band set if there ever was one. Even if you don’t enjoy this kind of music, you gotta give Triple Double props for making fun music—and making it well.

-Jarret Keene

Triple Double’s CD-release party is at 9:30 p.m., Friday, May 1, at Plush, 340 E. Sixth St. The show is 21-and-up and includes sets by Skitn and Haley Jane; $5; 798-1298. - Tucson Weekly

"Triple Double Soothes Soul"

Local Tucson band Triple Double gets set to release their third full-length album this Friday at Plush at 9 p.m. However, before their release the Daily Wildcat sat down with the band to find out a little more about them.

Jimi Cracovaner, guitarist/vocals, said the band started with just him and his brother, Tom Cracovaner, drums/vocals.

"We have been playing since we were 10 and 12 years old," said Jimi.

They added bassist Preston Wilson five years ago, and the group met keyboards/vocalist Alex Sandweiss on a youth trip to Israel. The Cracovaners both grew up here in Tucson and attended the UA. Alex is a UA sophomore.

According to Tom, the group was driving up to Phoenix to catch a Suns game and they noticed the double white lines on the road. So they began tossing out ideas such as Double Line and Double and then, before long, they came up with Triple Double. The band chose to go with the name because it signifies versatility, like in basketball when we hear of players having a triple-double game. "We play everything," said Tom, who also went on to add, "We are the soul-soothing funky reggae blues party."

"I have always loved playing music and to create something live and to share it with others is great," added Jimi.

Jimi is not only the guitarist/vocalist for the band, he is also the producer along with his brother, Tom. When asked about producing, Jimi replied, "It is definitely a learning process, but I have learned a lot more about the music and what sounds better."

He also added that one of the benefits of being their own producers is more flexibility, more freedom and having their own studio. One thing that Tom pointed out about the music industry is, "It's who you know and the breaks you catch." Jimi also said that he is still learning about the marketing aspect of being a producer and "finding new ways to promote their music."

Dot My Eighths is Triple Double's third album and it sounds great. The opening song, "Whatcha Do," already has a reggae feel to it and it soothes one's soul much like Bob Marley's music did. Vocally and musically, Triple Double reminded me of Sublime. They kind of slow it down on the song "Journey to the Dust," but not so much that it is a drastic change from their entire album. It's slow, but it isn't a sad kind of slow. Instead, it is more relaxing. On the following song, "Through Our Name," we hear Triple Double rap. While it does seem a little out of place on an album that seems to be purely reggae-based, remember that they are called Triple Double because they are versatile in their musical styles and this song proves it. Overall, this is a great album for anyone who likes good, relaxing music. So remember, this Friday, May 1, is Triple Double's release party at Plush at 9 p.m. Admission is $5 and that also gets you a free copy of their newest and greatest album, Dot My Eighths. - Arizona Daily Wildcat

"Triple Double Set to Hit Home Run"

Local band Triple Double describes itself as a "soul-soothing, funky reggae blues party," and the phrase is spot on. What started as jam sessions between two brothers has grown into a collection of musicians who consistently deliver rocking tunes and solid grooves.

The Triple Double journey starts with brothers Jimmy and Tom Cracovaner, who've been jamming since they were little. A few years ago, they looked to their long-time friend Preston Winter to form a trio with his bass guitar skills. The inclusion of Connor Clowers on trumpet, Alex Sandweiss on piano and Alex Van Slyke on saxophone expanded the band from a blues-rock trio to a sextet musical powerhouse.

But rest assured that the six of them don't just stand on stage and try to look cool; they don't need to. Their live shows are a testament to the pride they take in their music.

"It's something that we love to do and we're very passionate about it," said Jimmy Cracovaner.

So how do they all work together? Tom keeps the drum beats going and contributes vocals while Winter's low-end grooves lay a steady foundation for the madness that is Jimmy's guitar playing. Some funky fretwork and feats of virtuosity (playing guitar behind his head) are assured highlights of their show.

Throw in Sandweiss' impressive keyboard work (he does a mean cover of "Crazy Train"), smooth it out with Clowers' and Van Slyke's horns and it's an impressive combination that sounds great without being overwhelming.

They've been entertaining clubs and concert venues for a while, but are now eager to release their second album, Five Twenty, April 9. And if their album is as exciting as their live performances, then it will not disappoint.

More than just a play on the Tucson area code, the album title comes from the Cracovaners' time growing up in Tucson. "We draw some of our influence from the desert and Tucson," said the brothers.

Triple Double's Five Twenty release party is April 9 at Club Congress, 311 E. Congress St. Tickets are $5 and include a copy of the album. It's an all ages show featuring local acts R'Cougar and Rich Hopkins, and begins at 8 p.m. More information can be found at the band's Web site,
- Arizona Daily Wildcat


The Kickback Throwdown (2006)
Five Twenty (2008)
Dot My Eighths (2009)



Dubbed as the soul-soothing funky reggae blues party, Triple Double Band fuses together a vivid collection of styles that dazzle folks with their highly energetic live performances. Brothers Tom and Jimi started playing music together in their home in 1995. After playing in various bands and writing music together throughout high school, the brothers reunited with childhood friend Preston Winter in 2003, and Triple Double was born.

Playing in Tucson together as a power trio since 2003, Trip Dub boosted their sound by adding talented keyboard player Alex Sandweiss in early 2008. Triple Double continues to write songs that arouse love for fellow humanity, nature, and exuberance. Their full-length third album, Dot My Eighths, is a reflection of their raw and undisputed passion for music.

Triple Double is making noise on the national scene as they frequently tour the Southwest and Western United States. In addition, they are making their presence felt as they license their music for movies and television.