triple five spout

triple five spout


what it sounds like to frantically scribble down the stream of conciousness relentlessly echoing through your mind. is that god or the devil. or just some post-hardcore pre-apacolyptic lunatic renaissance man up in his attic again in the middle of the night, mistaking his headphones 4 a belltower


my name is jason and i am 35. i have been playing in bands and moreso, recording my own song ideas for over 15 years now. i have ten or so self-released albums of lo-fi analog recordings. about two years ago i moved from philadelphia, where i'd been since high school ended in '91, to ithaca with my wife colleen and our two sons, ember and moss. since that move here i've recorded an album of demos with drum machine called 'the preamble', another album on the same recording machine but with me actually playing drums called 'the declaration of interdependence', and am just now finishing up the last of the eighteen songs for what is 'first and formost'. at this point i plan to work on picking fifteen or so songs from the fifty or sixty i've done over the last two years and get them recorded with a band other than my former selves and play out any and everywhere.


trips to the water 2008
first and for most 2008
declaration of interdependence 2007
the preamble 2006
whither thou wilt 2003
insanitize 2000
thee catbox 1999
elVis 1998
maja ryson 1997
left-snide awareness 1996
'snot rockit's 1994

Set List

beyond compare
privilege is a crime
punching the sky
earth died screaming
close yr eyes
since it's all been
one big family
civilized invitation
big picture
i can pull off three 45 minute sets of original music. maybe a cover or two. perhaps a tom waits, david bowie, or pil song.