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The best kept secret in music


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"Unleashing the Compilation..Vol. 1"-
1. Intro
2. Anticipation-Faculty
3. Everyday-Pornoe Junkies
4. Tell Me-Bigg Saint
5. Art of War-sCo-D;FiLoSSoFee
6. Fake Emcees-Chepo
7. How It Goes-Pornoe Junkies
8. Life...Ain't Nuthin But A Struggle-Siluano feat. sCo-D and Sifu
9. Scrills To Scratch-Dj A-Ron
10. Dead Rush-sCo-D;FiLoSSoFee
11. Bare Arms-House of Representatives
12. Westside Story-Sifu feat. Chepo
13. Teazer-Siluano
14. Unleashing...Doomsday-sCo-D;FiLoSSoFee feat Siluano and Faculty

"Unleashed The Compilation..Vol.2 "
1. Intro- Skyeballin'
2. Spitfiya
3. The Get Down (Put Your Hands Up)
4. I Miss You
5. Redemption (Kung-Fu Statistics)
6. Truth Is Truth
7. Raw and Real
8. As Long
9. Acid Dj
10. Runnin' The Game
11. Collar Poppin'
12. Skit-Mo Murda
13. Mo Murda
14. Tha Comeback
15. Another Lifetime
16. Cuts & Scratches
17. Fundamental

El Perreo de Reggaeton Mixtape


Feeling a bit camera shy


Music ( myu zik), n. The art of making sounds that are beautiful, and putting them together into beautiful, pleasing, or interesting arrangements.That is the definition of the word "music" in the dictionary. That is also the goal of Triple Gold Records. Triple Gold Records started as a dream between two brothers and a close friend that is now slowly but surely becoming a reality. The main objective is to bring real music back out into the world and to let them know that not everything has to be of the norm, or commercial to be heard. There are so many talented people out there with music that is exceptionally beautiful that's just waiting to be heard, and Triple Gold is going to find them, sign them, and release them for the whole world to enjoy. Triple Gold's debut album, the compilation "Unleashing" which consists of a variety of artists of different styles letting loose a little taste of what's to come from Triple Gold Records. With the first single "Anticipation", audiences are in for the ride of their life, from Rap, to Hip Hop, R&B, to Pop, with a lil' twist of Jazz and Funk, "Unleashing" has it all for your moods, grooves, and playa moves. We're on the cutting edge of releasing a new and innovative way of re-shaping the music industry. This CD is something you definitely gotta peep. Who has what it takes to put Triple Gold on the map? Read on and find out.

With an aim at redefining the level of recognition to the independent Artist and entrepreneur, TGR remains true to their motto, “Either you roll with us or get rolled the F**K over.” With a diverse music output, TGR’s expanding catalog stems over many musical genres. The gold n’ black attack with a driving force to reclaim the integrity back to the art and culture of Hip-Hop.
Triple Gold Records, enjoying the notoriety from their head bobbin’ debut “Unleashing...” is back with the continuing chapter to their musical saga. “Unleashed” The Compilation Vol. 2, the second installment to this trilogy, cumulates the assimilation of Triple Gold’s House of Representatives teamed with other Bay Area musical soldiers.
Heading the Calvary, Sco-D; Filossofee and Sifu Sucka Free engulf you in a nonstop arsenal of musical combaticks. With the musical stylings of Tre Jones and Mz. Leading, “Unleashed” The Compilation Vol. 2 will have you comin’ back for more and poppin’ your collar to the diversity of this musical masterpiece.
With the collaborating production geniuses at Triple Gold Records, there’s a song for everyone here, from the verbal assaults of “Spit Fiya” and “Redemption,” to the acoustically euphoric “I Miss You” and “As Long” to name a few. The party starting joints “Running the Game” and “Tha Comeback” will have folks screaming for more while leaning back and bobbing to “Truth is Truth” and “Fundamental”.
Reclaiming the prestigiousness of the independent artist thought long gone in the commercially dominant music industry, “Unleashed” The Compilation Vol.2 rekindles the hope that the true essence of music still exists. Dedicated and determined, Triple Gold Records exemplifies the insatiable desire of the independent artists’ up-hill battle striving to be recognized for their music and not their statue. In a musically perfect world, CD’s will not be played because of what label it’s on, or what artist name appears on the CD, rather by the quality and integrity of the music. “Unleashed” The Compilation Vol.2 is taking another step towards that. Stay tuned.
For booking and contact info:
415-933-6063 or

Lyrically simplistic yet tactically aggressive, Sco-D; Filossofee remains a front runner for the Triple Gold Army. Straight out the West Coast, Sco-D philosophizes the everyday events in his city by the bay. A diamond in the rough, this versatile lyricist also creates most of Triple Gold’s bumpin’ beats. With a truthful yet sometimes sarcastically comical delivery, Sco-D exemplifies the independent artist’s need to stay real to themselves, while staying true to the game of Hip Hop. Sco-D; Filossofee is definitely on his way to becoming one of the Bay’s most notable artists. Check it

The Fury is Unleashed from within. He is known as Sifu, Tha SuckaFree. Scotown's underground music scene is where Sifu studied and mastered the art of Left Coast hip hop. Through years of hard work and dedication, Sifu has made his mark on music, film, and urban culture. From his humble beginnings on the streets of the San Francisco to orchestrating the rise of The House of Representatives, Sifu SuckaFree has encompassed and exemplified in the business of Music.. Many say he's a quick glimpse of what’s to come...Sifu says, “Whatever I unleash, you better be ready”

A seasoned vocalist, the woman they call Mz Leading, is out to contribute her efforts to her calling in life; music. This prominent soulstress takes her vocal ability and integrates it musically into diverse ways. Spanning over many music stylings, this R&B queen sm