Triple Helix

Triple Helix

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Hip hop with wisdom and personality, creating music that appeals to the rest of us.


Proclaiming their sound as authentic hip hop music, Triple Helix is a group that was formed from two other acts in the same musical family. Rexx & R&Y Jones from Down From Upstairs, along with Bamm Tronics of Elevated make up the trio that aspires to do little more than present the core elements of emceeing.

Hailing from Los Angeles, with roots from Compton to Moreno Valley, their musical background experience exceeds 30 years combined. Triple Helix brings to the table a rich tapestry of wisdom and personality, creating music that appeals to "the rest of us" that know life expands past the borders of materialism & glamor.

They have dubbed their style "grown folks hip hop". And while they do not claim to be the originators, they hope to add their weight to an uneven scale in desperate need of balance.


"Building Blocks" - LP

Set List

15-20 minute set (4-5 songs)
25-30 minute set (6-7 songs)