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Three sisters Brittney,Bridgett and Brianna make up "Triple Image", with their energetic dance moves and their R&B sound Triple Image is making a name for themselves.Triple Image has tour the United States as well as Japan.


Triple Image – identical twins Bridgett and Brittney, age 15 and Sister Brianna, 14 – have made a name for themselves with a high-energy brand of music. Their music boasts a lighthearted mood that mirrors the girls’ initial approach to recording and performing.
Says Brittney, “We used to go to Universal City Walk and record CDs just for fun.” Bridgett adds: “In every home video we’ve ever made, we’re either belly dancing or acting out songs. We’d do everything – dance, sing, make-up rhymes. As long as we were doing it together, we were having fun.”
Triple Image’s first debut album entitled “CELEBRATE” showcases bright, up-tempo tracks reflecting the siblings’ innocent, new-found interest in the opposite sex and enthusiasm for the joys of girlhood.
Written and produced by Gary Carolla (*NSYNC, Aaron Carter), “ Triple Image
First album “Celebrate” provides Bridgett, Brittney, and Brianna with a natural outlet for their varied vocal styles: Brittney”s powerhouse delivery, Brianna”s soft soul tones and Bridgett”s vibrant alto.
From the beginning, TRIPLE IMAGE was a family affair. At and outing with their mother, Marie, and two older sister’s to the Orlando House Of Blues at Downtown Disney, the girls – then nine and ten – couldn’t help but sing along to the pop music pumping out of the sound system. “They look alike and dress alike, so people assume they’re triplets and always do double takes,” says Marie of the attention her three youngest children frequently attract.
“That night, people came up to us and said should be a singing group,” remembers, Brittney. “We didn’t take it seriously, but then someone else said we were really cute and should definitely be a group. So we went to our mom and told her we wanted to sing and dance.”
Marie obliged her kids, seeking out a vocal coach and choreographer to get them started. “My older sister, Stephanie, had friends in the business so she was able to get recommendations for the best people to help us.” Notes Brianna. But this training was expensive. “I had to work two full-time jobs to pay for it,” Marie confides. I’d sleep in the car while the girls were in classes.” Marie segued into her role as interim manager. She booked the trio for a special appearance on “The Jenny Jones Show” and at a Child’s Watch Foundation benefit at Hard Rock Live, as well as various gigs around town. “I would pack the girls into our car and drive to different shows every weekend,” she says.
Brianna recalls their first performance: “It was at the West Oaks Mall, near our house, and I was a little nervous before we got onstage. But as soon as the music started and we were singing, I got an adrenaline rush.”

The girls have taken a decidedly disciplined approach to their career: “We exercise a lot so have the strength to sing while we’re running around on-stage,” Brittney relates. “We take jazz and hip-hop dance classes and rehearse our songs everyday. Then we have home-schooling and vocal lessons. In between all that, we go outside and play with our friends and our dogs.”
Asked about the experience of recording the trio unanimously calls the process “awesome.” “(Producer) Gary would play a song for us and we’d each sing it then he’d help us figure out who would sing which part on the album. It was so much fun,” affirms Brianna.
The first song we heard was ‘Last One Standing’, and we loved it right away,” says Brittney of their debut radio track. “It’s a great song about us being at a party. Everyone’s been dancing and now they’re tired. We three are the only ones still dancing albums.”
Still it may be the R&B-tinged “Never Gonna Stop” that best expresses Triple Image’s desire to follow New Editions path. Concludes Brittney: “It’s all about how we sing and dance and we’re never gonna stop until we get to the top.”

Currently Brittney and Bridgett are 14 years old and in high school, and Brianna is 13 and in 8th grade. They are currently putting together new songs for their second album. This time around they are going for a R&B sound.


First Album release August 2001
Album Release in Japan 2003
Tracks from these Album have Airplay with Radio

Set List

1-Watch me
2-Girls Nite
3-Can't touch this
4-Don't you wanna
5-Like this
6-Boy like that

Set 30 min to an hour