Triple Whip

Triple Whip


Innovative, evocative bass and drums rock instrumentals. Holly and Jane create mosaic-like miniatures from an eclectic mixture of dynamics, techniques, moods and colors.


Rhythm section on the run! Holly Rushakoff (bass) and Jane Boxall (drums) throw down short, sharp, schizophonic instrumentals in Triple Whip. Even when this Champaign, IL, band was a trio, they were known for making bass and drums the heroes of the band. Founder Santanu Rahman formed the band with the concept of his guitar and vocals as mere decorations atop a behemoth rhythm section sound. In 2002, Triple Whip broke onto the local scene, noted by Rose Marshack of the Poster Children for a "Gang of Four sound" that "had older scenesters staring with jaws dropped to the floor – where did this come from?" Having learned bass quickly from Santanu, Holly was praised for her "prodigy-like acumen" and masterful technique. Triple Whip pushed ahead with regional touring, festival appearances, and 2003's album Slapshot, described by Playback STL as "progressive, punk, minimalistic and dense all at the same time." Punk Planet said, "It's refreshing to hear driving basslines and incessant drums overwhelm guitars now and then, especially if the band can pull it off. Triple Whip is that band: drum and bass upfront, discordant/jazzy guitar with speak/sing/shouting B-movie-inspired lyrics."

By 2005, two drummers had been lost along the way, but British expat Jane Boxall auditioned for Triple Whip and the band was newly invigorated. The trio's first live show together was described by Buzz weekly as "a typically charged performance with Boxall more than holding her own under the onslaught of Holly Rushakoff's grinding, thunderous bass and Santanu Rahman's strident vocals and razor-wire guitar." In October 2005, Triple Whip released Snake Creeps Down, a kung-fu art rock concept EP which drew praise from both sides of the Atlantic. "Wow, I love it," said Math Priest in UK magazine Rhythm, while Rocksound's reviewer bestowed 8/10 stars. Back in the US, Innocent Words magazine lauded Snake Creeps Down as "an impressive concept record that this independent, small-pressing release hardly does justice to," noting Holly's "newfound independence" on the bass and Jane's "linear, quartz-timed playing."

And then, as 2005 became 2006, Santanu moved to Texas to get married, but Holly and Jane decided to continue as Triple Whip. 2006's first issue of the News-Gazette put the duo on the front page, under the headline "Triple Whip History 101: They shall not be defeated." The article noted the strong musical and friendship bond apparent between the two, which led Holly and Jane to quickly write a brand new set of bass and drums instrumentals. Commencing live performances in January 2006, the new Triple Whip drew praise and interest from listeners of all ages and walks of life. "Wow is the only word that I came up with to describe their set," said blog site "The non-stop rhythm of the low end, the chest thump, the floor shake, the driving beat, all took me over completely. Triple Whip is doing something that no one else in town is doing." sent a reviewer who noted the duo's "poise and technique. Holly Rushakoff on bass stood poised dangerously, winding down on bass, while Jane Boxall delivered on the technique, moving from everything from palm hits to complex switch-ups on the toms."

Holly and Jane honed, handpicked and duly recorded the songs to comprise Horsepower, self-released in November 2006. The album's mosaic-like instrumental miniatures form a tapestry of time signatures, moods, colors and dynamics which combine the behemoth and the beautiful, extended techniques and emotional expression, the heartfelt and the furious. reviewed Horsepower: "This is one hell of a great unique and original rock album that redefines instrumental music for the thinkers and listeners alike."


Horsepower (LP), November 2006, has received airplay on WPGU-FM, WEFT-FM, and WRFU-FM and in Champaign-Urbana.

Snake Creeps Down (EP), October 2005, has also received airplay on WPGU-FM, WEFT-FM, and WRFU-FM.

Slapshot (LP), September 2003 on Innocent Words Records, has also received airplay on WPGU-FM, WEFT-FM, and WRFU-FM.

Bare Boned (EP), January 2003 on Innocent Words Records.

Set List

Our typical set is about 35-40 minutes, roughly 10 or more songs.

We play the songs off our album, Horsepower: Lesson Learned, Lost in Flight, Decoy, Sequel, Where's the Line?, Friend Surgery, Secret Showdown, Looking Up, and Wreckin'.

We also play new songs, which currently include "King Me" and "Pulling the Muscles," and one off our last album, Snake Creeps Down, called "Peace Is."