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Trip Lizard

Alexandria, Virginia, United States

Alexandria, Virginia, United States
Band Rock Funk


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Trip Lizard Kicks Ass"

"I never heard a band that sounds like Trip Lizard and I would say that is a good thing. Trip Lizard brings a fresh new taste to music. I give you guys a year and you will be signed." - Broadcast Sounds

"Robotripping/ Performance Review"

This CD ROCKS!! Their songs have a pumping beat and screaming leads but they also change it up so everything doesn’t sound the same. The group is tight and the fun they have on stage comes through in their performance, but what’s even crazier is that the ENERGY they have on stage comes through when you hear the CD. It’s a “gotta-get”!!! - CD Baby

"Trip LIzard on District Records"

The secret to the bands longevity and success can be best attributed to their diverse musical background, professionalism, and vigorous work ethic. Combining Ska, Rock and Funk into their special blend of Skunk Rock the band adamantly demonstrates its craving for originality and creativity. It's in their live performance, however, that the band truly shines. Consistently one of the Mid-Atlantic's busiest bands and most consistent draws, Trip Lizard starts their show with the pedal to the floor and never lets up. As one area promoter commented, "Trip Lizard is a high octane head rush". - District Records, DC

"Trip Lizard Rocks - From Guestbook"

Hey, I'm Alex and I have to say I became a fan overnight when I picked up your cd at the "local" section of Tower records. You guys seriously rock, I let some friends listen to your Robotripping album and they definitely want the CD. When I first listened to it, it kinda reminded me of the stuff in Southern Cal like Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Hoobustank, Hot Sauce Johnson, and Zebrahead. But, knowing this was local blew me away. You guys are by far the best local band, and one of the best bands i've heard. If you all have some left, I definitely want to buy a copy of Bamboo Chicken. I'm looking forward to seeing you guys in concert. Keep rockin'
- Random Fan - Alex, (Fairfax, VA)

"Trip Lizard - Two Thumbs Up"

Try to imagine Fishbone or The Red Hot Chili Peppers (circa Blood Sugar Sex Magic or earlier), fronted by Hugo Ferrera, the vocalist from Tantric and you're in the ballpark of what Alexandria, VA's Trip Lizard sound like. Trip Lizard is definitely a top-notch, professional band with an intense energy and an excellent level of musicianship, particularly in its rhythm section comprised of drummer Dan Shortt, and bassist Steve Kaufman. I also like the fact that, while vocalist Dennis Mayer mostly raps, he can actually sing. An upbeat song like “Bubble Gum Punk, with its goofy vibe and multipart harmonies sounds like it could be a classic Vandals song. This band incorporates a lot of classic elements into its funk/rap/soul/ska/rock hybrid sound, but totally avoids staleness or predictability. I give Trip Lizard two thumbs up. - Star Polish - Gail Worley, Music Critic

"The French Love Us - vendredi 25 mars 2005"

Sur Madrigal FM, le prochain album des Its!, qui sort le 29 avril et qui devrait faire un bide malgrà sa qualità supÃrieure, ainsi que les albums Robotripping des Trip Lizard, qui confirment avec brio leur prÃcÃdent Bamboo chicken, et Dark-ism de Balzac, un groupe dâ horror punk japonais qui nâ a de longue date plus à faire ses preuves auprès des vrais connaisseurs.

Cela vous changera des merdes encensà es par la presse branchouille pseudo indà pendante du genre Rock & Folk, Magic, Versus et compagnie.
- Radio Madrigal

"District Records"

8 bands up this sampler CD from District Records and for the most part I couldn’t really get into much of it. There is a weird cluster of bands and genres ranging from Surf inspired rock to ska to just straight up rock in the vein of bands like Collective Soul. Usually I would dig something that doesn’t stick to just one genre of music but this seems all over the place and with longer songs I lost interest pretty quickly. The one positive on this comp is a band called Trip Lizard, that is a funky/hip hop type band in the vein of Stereogram - All Ages Zine

"District Records Stand Outs"

Unlike some indie labels that stick to a certain style with all their signings, Washington, D.C.'s District Records certainly does not believe in "musical segregation," as evidenced by the 2006 compilation District Records, Vol. 1. Weighing in at a hefty 19 tracks, the set does a fine job of showcasing the label's roster of talent. A true potpourri of styles, standouts include the early Red Hot Chili Peppers-ish funk of Trip Lizard's "Waiting for the Sun, and "Siamese Dream-era Smashing Pumpkins-like instrumental by Circle 9, "Moai". District Records, Vol. 1 plays like a fine mix CD of indie rock, which should only whet the listener's appetite to track down the contributing artists' other works. - All - Best of 2005

"Robotripping Review"

Press Quotes
· “urban-enhanced hard rock boogie”
· “Trip Lizard has the chops, humor and songs”

Trip Lizard

By Dave Terpeny, KyndMusic Editor

Much like Chicago’s Umphrey’s McGee, the Washington D.C. quintet Trip Lizard brings to the Jam scene a new edge with their urban-enhanced hard rock boogie and ska/punk edge. Fronted by Dennis Mayer with a voice like Brad Nowell (Sublime) and a rap like Nick Hexum (311) their sound is rooted in the thundering and metal-ish drums of Dan Shortt and bass of Steve Kaufman.

But the real highlight of their overall sound is the twin guitars of Eric Reinhart and Scott Fallon. Able to cross musical boundaries with ease while maintaining a signature edge, these axe-masters (ha-ha, I love that phrase) create the cohesion that keeps this album together.

The CD itself is unfortunately short with seven songs lasting only 30 minutes but, wow, what a 30 minutes. The first tune, “Waiting for Sun” is funky and irresistible as is the rap-fueled “State of Mind.”

Next up is one of the highlights of the disc. The tune “Bullet” starts off with a positively ‘80s metal riff before dissolving into a rousing punk/ska beat. It reminds me of both early No Doubt (remember when they didn’t take themselves so seriously?) and the anthemic Pennywise.

Song 5, “Hilltop” is also one of my favorites. Kicking in with a laidback and psychedelic intro, it retains that mood mostly throughout and it is the longest song the disc at 6:42. The smoky bass riff and fading in and out trippy guitar riff make it worthwhile all by themselves. But then add in the soulful vocals and it becomes an inescapable song. When it drops into the “remix” and explodes, splattering funk all over the room, it does so seamlessly. Sweet.

This is a great disc. The wonder of the jam scene is that so many musical forms can come together under one umbrella and whether they consider themselves “jam” or not, Trip Lizard has the chops, humor, songs and genre blending to become a well-loved part of the scene. Let’s give them a warm welcome.
- Kynd

"Rob Casey"

It has been pleasure working with Scott and Trip Lizard. They are an extremely professional band and I hold them in very high regard. - James Turner Productions


Trip Lizard released Bamboo Chicken in 1994 completed their new disc, Robotripping in June 2004. Tracks from both CD's have been featured on (including but not limited to) WVOD - Nags Head, NC; Radio Crystal Blue - New York, NY; DC101 - Washington, DC; WMUC - College Park, MD; UCLA Radio, Los Angeles, CA; WRNR - Annapolis, MD; 99.3 The Fox - Winchester, VA; 99.1 WHFS - Washington, DC; WERW, Syracuse NY; Z104 - Washington, DC; 103.1 WRNR - Annapolis, MD; Vortex Radio; Radio Madrigal, Madrigal France; 92.3 WGTB - Washington, DC;,,, Radio Clarendon - Arlington, VA, as well as hundreds of other University radio stations nationwide. Trip Lizard is currently working with Digitrax Recording Studios on a live CD, capturing a performance at the Soundquilt Music Festival in August 2004. CD release date Fall 2006.



One of the Mid-Atlantic's most active bands and most consistent draws Trip Lizard continues to forge ahead with new material and increased energy. The band can be best summed up in two words, stage presence. Their stage presence and staying power was on full display in the fall of 2002 when they finished in the top ten out of more than 350 bands in The Hard Rock Café national battle of the bands competition. More recently, they were asked to perform at the VIP party honoring the nation's best Chopper designers. The event was covered nationally on CNN and the Discovery Channel. Soon after Trip LIzard was asked to join the stable of bands at District Records, which The Washington Post referred to as the DC area's most prominent independent music label. With District Records they headlined many DC area music festivals inluding performances with national acts at famous DC clubs such as The Black Cat and The 9:30 Club.

Trip Lizard concluded recording at the world renowned Omega Studios in May 2004 on their latest CD, Robotripping. The disc is a follow up to their first effort, Bamboo Chicken, which sold more than 5,000 copies. Fans will be excited to discover that Robotripping mixes many of Trip Lizard’s signature elements with other innovative influences. The band is also putting the finishing touches on a live CD to be released in the fall of 2006.

The band has evolved over the years and in doing so has developed a more distinctive sound. This is particularly evident in their live performance. On guitars are veteran musicians Scott Fallon and Eric Reinhart. Fallon, the ominous riff master, handles the rhythm while Reinhart flourishes in his uncanny ability to hit the perfect note on every lead. When combined with the thunderous pulse of drummer Dan Shortt, and imaginative jazz influenced bass lines of Steve Kaufman, a commanding rhythm section is created to back up the energetic and methodically dynamic front man, Dennis Mayer. Dennis was also a recent national finalist on MTV's Rap Battles.

Since its creation, Trip Lizard has performed at most of the eastern seaboard's top venues including Washington DC's renowned 9:30 Club, New York City's Knitting Factory, Arlington, VA's Clarendon Ballroom, etc. In addition they have performed and/or headlined at multiple festivals and major music events. Highlights include: Washington DC’s Live on Penn, the Philadelphia Music Conference, The Soundquilt Music festival, Arlington VA’s Blocktoberfest, Rock the Debt Freedomfest, Fourth of July Smoke-In, and WGMU’s Spring Fest to name a few. Also, the band has shared the stage with national acts such as Govt. Mule, The Pietasters, Digital Underground, Better Than Ezra, C&C Music Factory, Jimmy’s Chicken Shack, Carbon Leaf, and Vanilla Ice as well as some of the region’s other top acts such as Fighting Gravity, The All Mighty Senators, Everything, Getaway Car, Rude Buddha, Michael Sheppard Group, Egypt, and Blue Miracle.

With a continuously growing mailing list of over 4,700 members, Trip Lizard has consistently exhibited the ability to incorporate new musical directions and diversity in order to stay in synch with their ever-increasing fan base.