Tri Pod is a live, new dance groove project hailing from Madison, Wisconsin. This trio uses the grizzly bass elements of drum n’ bass to add body to an array of sounds. Erie samples and loops topped with ambient and melodic keyboards, bring this band to stage for an elastic dance party


We try to theme our songs to different images that go on in our head. Like for instance: our song willows is a theme for "a colony of futuristic ants marching one by one through the jungle to invade a weaker colony to use them for slaves." It's scary, but real. The truth is, all aspects of life are partnered with a soundtrack. Some are very obvious, like the sound of a river, and other things are not. Thats were bands like ours come in. We write a tune to dance to, one to sleep, one to study, and one to roll the dice in a New York ally accompanied by a stray dog and a graffiti artist. When a theme emerges we choose to go with it, and apply that theme in a live setting so that it makes sense to the listener/ viewer. We are a three-piece band: drums, bass, keys. In this arangement we melt the dance aspects of hip-hop, drum and bass, electronica and others into a pot that we all spoon from, allowing the ambiance and melody of the keyboards a firm place to grow.
This is all part of a major effort to bring different types of listeners into one room, and create a sound that we all enjoy. This is our genre.

Tripod has been progressing rapidly on the local scenes in the Midwest. This ambitious trio has already filled venues such as High Noon Saloon, Union Terrace, Orpheum Theater, the King Club, Lake Michigan Boat Cruise, Miramar Theater, Linneman’s, Phil Fest at Northwestern, the Annex, and the Inferno Club. Tripod has opened and/or shared the stage with Signal Path, Pnuma Trio, The Benevento Russo DUO (awesome 20 min improv-jam together), Toubab Krewe, STS9, Future Rock, Jacob Fred’s Jazz Odyssey, Cornmeal, Bump, and Mofro and many others.



Written By: Electronic

Vocal samples add depth to the ambience of Tripod's music. You could hear everyone from Cookie Monster to JFK rythmically interwoven into their compositions.


Carmina Ortus

Set List

Found in Memory
Lords (Tripod's version of Carmina Burana)
Red-headed Thief
Making Motions
Our Dubs