Tripod Black

Tripod Black

 Buffalo, New York, USA

Young, refreshing, Energetic, creative, new, different, emotional, Explosive, OMFG! Comments by the fans of Tripod Black. Coming from a city where people are like stone, one band can make em move and get people of the ground. Crowd surfing, silly string, laughing, TPB is not the common local band.


Tripod Black is influenced by the people who are afraid to have some fun in their lives and Inspired by those who feel awkward around other people, and restrict themselves of their power to be who they really are because of it. This band has made a point in "freeing" individuals from this curse to go out, socialize, enjoy life, and find something that makes life worth living.

Ezell Jordan (Lead guitar/singer), leads the band with an amazing energy that draws in fans and new listeners alike and gets them to be a part of the show rather than seen a merely listeners. Joseph Parker (keyboard/back up vocals) and Keith Morrow (Drums) complete the energy and interaction with spectacular stage presence! Seeing the chemistry and musicianship of Tripod Black on stage makes it easy to understand how they've been best friends for over 8 years and how committed they are to their music. If "One Fall We All Fall" is their motto (hence the name TRIPOD) and this motivates them to push one another to be better at what they do.

Tripod Black, has the amazing gift of capturing a crowd’s attention at every event they’ve performed, mainly because of their experiences and ideas which are deeply embedded in the music they’ve come to write, it is the apparent root of their success. They perform in the hope that individuals become less reluctant to “absorb” and experience different things, encouraging others to not be afraid of things unknown. This is the symbolism of “Black” The result of the absorption of all the colors.

With the assertive intellect of the guitar, the drive of the drums, and the heart of the keys, this trio brings any event to life with a powerful duality of meaning and music.

Fun Video's:

Hard Rock Cafe

Broadway Joe's

Influences -Green Day, Linkin Park, Cold Play, Blur, Blink 182, Dan Black, Cake, and many more...


The band has a dedicated student following at Buffalo State College thanks to the radio station "WBNY" 91.3 fm, which has done two live to air exclusives with the band and being on the top of the carts for multiple cycles. The band is in the process of perfecting their LP, "Blast Off" - 2012 consisting of the following songs:

Blast Off
At the End
Divided Love
Forget the World
I Wanna
Wish There Was A Place
Monkey on my Back
Hecks No!
Don't Give Up Hope

Set List

Tripod Black set list is all original music written and produce by the members of Tripod Black. A typical set is anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes long depending on the setting. Usually the songs are as followed.
"Blast Off"
"I wanna"
"Wish There Was A Place"
"At The End"
"Divided Love"
"Heck No"