Fredericton, New Brunswick, CAN

Tripp is a beatful experience of funky bass and creative riffs. A few wobbles here and there throw the dubstep into the mix.

If Tripp was a recipe, it would read:
2 cups bumping beats
1/2 L deep bass
3/4 cup groovy synth
3 teaspoons whomp

Serves as many who can feel the music and dance to it.


The beats first started 3 years ago in a 16 year old's basement. That sixteen year old was Tyler McGrath. Now at 19, he spends his time as the vocalist in a hardcore band Centuries, When he's not making mosh, he likes to make people dance. Where he becomes his altar ego, Tripp. Inspired by Feed Me, deadmau5 and Mord Fustang, Tripp mixes a different sound together of psychological elements. Tripp wants his music to bring out the inner person, and make that person dance and groove. Tripp's hallucinogenic beats set him apart from other artist. Listening to a song is like a musical trip.

Set List

Brace Yourself
Sorry, No Rainchecks
Boomer Zoomers
Medium Roast Coffee
That Song From Last Night