Tripp Algiers

Tripp Algiers


Tripp Algiers, a man, a band, and an idea, seeks to break through established norms with unique and beautiful compositions. Over the past three years Tripp Algiers has created music that inspires and moves people to action. An initial encounter will be sure to impress even the casual listener.


In 2006, Tripp Algiers was formed. Any other rumours are unfounded and will be denied. The Kansas City alternative rock band respect their influential elders, but deny their own musical family. Ben is known for his spastic behaviour, Willis is known by all those math wizards, Matthew is known for keeping his cool, and Drew was around when t-shirts were invented (he exhumes cool). Together, these four gentlemen created an album called Old City Crows, which has already received critical acclaim. They can play all of their own songs, and love to entertain.


Demonstrative - EP, released in June 2007, found on Itunes or heard on

Old City Crows - First album, released October 2007, "Empty Glasses" heard on 96.5 The Buzz (Kansas City)

Set List

Jagged Reef (5:15)
Autumn Drive Through Countryside (5:24)
Irish Pub Song (3:07)
Man:Wolf::Life:Cat (3:09)
Corporate's Ladder (4:38)
Empty Glasses (5:09)
The System (4:59)
Short Story III: Concerning Povos (5:39)
Dos Cantos (6:30)