Tripp Avenue

Tripp Avenue


Tripp Avenue, a Chicago band from the south side suburbs named after the street where it all began. Fall of ’07 childhood friends decided to form the band by recruiting one of their fathers who could play drums. They’ve rocked the Chicagoland for the last year & plan to release their 1st album soon.


Tripp Avenue was started in the Fall of 2007 after a series of interesting events. Chris Bohn and Dan Davis lived three houses away from each other as kids. However, Chris moved away and the friendship was lost. Over 10 years passed and Chris was out of college and working at the local Menards. Coincidentally Dan was working there as well and the friendship was reunited. The two soon realized they both had a passion for playing guitar and singing. The band was born and named after the street where it all began. Dan and Chris would practice weekly in Chris' basement. It just so happened that his dad, Ed, also played the drums. Once in a while Ed would join in on the fun and practice with Chris and Dan. At one of the scheduled shows Chris and Dan both decided it would be fun if Ed played with them. Soon after Ed was playing with the guys all the time. To bring everything together Chris approached long time friend Bob Griffin to play some rhythm guitar. After the first practice the guys knew they had everything they needed...

What sets us apart - we are truly all about the music. The last question we ask about a show is "how much are we getting paid". We would play for free every night if we had to. We just love to play. The most unique thing about our band is that we have a 55 year old drummer! Only 2 of the members are related by blood but deep down the 4 guys really are family. The music that is made comes from the experiences they have shared and the love they have deep in them for music.



Set List

Tripp Avenue is a original/cover band. In order to fill the 4 hour slots that are required for bars in Chicago the band will mix originals with covers.
Here is a sample setlist:
1. Shirt (Original)
2. Here We Go (Dispatch)
3. Brian Wilson (BNL)
4. Tune Up for the Tune Up (Original)
5. Wont Back Down (Tom Petty)
6. Wonderwall (Oasis)
7. Magic Carpet Ride (Steve Miller)
8. Proud Mary (CCR)
9. Never Let This Go (Original)
10. Outlaw (Original)
11. Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison)
12. For What Its Worth (Buffalo Springfield)
13. Summer in the City (Young Rascals)
14. Gloria (Shadows of Knight)
15. Sweet Home Alabama
16. Future (Original)
17. Summertime (Original)
18. Hard Days Night (Beatles)
19. Jenny (Tommy Tutone)
20. Run Around Sue (Dion)
21. Think Were Alone Now (Tommy James)
22. Twist and Shout (Beatles)
23. Legacy (Original)
24. Louie Louie (Kingsman version)