Tripping Hazard

Tripping Hazard


Gritty pumping riffs and facinating guitar shimmers thrust through thick groove chambers in a beautiful smear of passion, supported by salacious lyrical honesty. Imagine if jerry cantrel copulated with kat bjelland, birthing a pixie cute grunge goddess backed by serious vanilla funk


Tripping Hazard was born in a bathtub at Bathurst and Harbord in down town Toronto on February 11th, 2005. Tripping Hazard was born in the upstairs of the Poor Alex Theater over drinks, conversations concerning Frank Zappa, Babes in Toyland, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Sonic Youth and mysterious face wounds: the locations of bassists and bathtubs. Tripping Hazard was born in emotion, connection, lovers and friends, anguish and inspiration. Tripping Hazard is a spider web of Toronto's rock and roll youth underground. A generation served the scraps of crushed revolution, forced to find and become our own heros among eachother.

While continuing to hone their live chops among the ridiculously talented groups of Toronto's independent music scene, Tripping Hazard have recently completed their debut self-recorded and produced six song EP, It Can't Be Pounding In Your Head If It's Throbbing In Your Groin. The EP is the first release for upstart activist music label, Trinket Trance. A follow up full length is being planned for spring 2006.

True passion and guts will ensure that rock and roll remains incapable of death. Tripping Hazard will stand the front line as a steadfast alternative to corporate puff posers and trend driving opportunists. The future will be a trip.


EP- It Can't Be Pounding in Your Head if it's Throbbing In Your Groin- 2006 Trinket Trance

Set List

A typical set is 45-90 minutes and includes original material from the following list:

Your Storm
Call Me
Porcelain Blue
Midnight Light
Danger Misplaced
Cheers to Rockstars
No Songs Start with N
Taste of Spring
Prove Me Wrong