Tripping the Knight Fantastic

Tripping the Knight Fantastic

 Guelph, Ontario, CAN

Sweet Folk-Fusion band consisting of 3 members. With Guitar, Bass, Violin, and Tabla, we get a pretty unique sound. Added to that is the eclectic compositions and influences that spice up the whole Stew to create one awesome musical meal. Blues, Jazz, Flamenco? Oh yes! All in one!


Tripping the Knight Fantastic create a more distinctive sound than most three-pieces can manage. Made up of songwriter Chris Rogers (vocals, guitar), Ruchira Sawh (bass, violin) and Praveen Sawh (tabla, percussion, beard), they are a confluence of Technicolor variety. Having roots in folk (both Canadian and Indian), they draw inspiration from classic blues, jazz, flamenco and Hindustani to create an atmosphere accessible to all listeners. They utilize the best of the old, and alchemize with it modern tastes and feelings to reflect both the contemporary and the timeless.

Having been voted "Best Act" at University of Toronto's P.A.U.S.E. Variety Night, they continue to demonstrate their tenacity in both focus and originality. They are currently working towards an EP, which will then pave the way for them to produce a full length album which will allow for a full dose of their creativity and uniqueness, elegance and foot-tapping energy. They will make you want to dance, and then fall back into a warm wave of massaging sound.

Fused together, the threesome make a sound representative of Canada, old and new.


One Way or the Other

Set List


Mother Dear
With the Waves
When We Take Off Our Clothes
Everywhere I Go (Black Keys cover)


Cleaning House
One Way or The Other
Swimming in the Sound