Trip Sinister

Trip Sinister

 Brisbane, Queensland, AUS

Trip Sinister; the electric sounds of the 80's, cryogenically frozen and reborn in the modern digital age. Recreating the fun, optimisim & the darkness from a era that defined much of today's comtempory sounds.


Trip Sinister is a new wave pop group with a modern twist from Brisbane Australia. Their sound has been described as fun upbeat and fresh; “retro punk for the year 2010” (Alex Greggs Producer South Rakkas Crew record label). Trip Sinister is headed by composer, sound engineer, lyricist and multi-instrumentalist Ben Evans. Together with the vocal and lyrical genius of Rachel Mulcair, the analogue synth sounds and punk styling of Nix L’ Fatale, the group have a unique blend of youth, experience and style that cuts through much of the emerging music scene. The driving force of Trip Sinister is the ambition to create fun and memorable music reminiscent of the late 70’s and 80’s electro pop/ new romantic movement. ‘Dancin’ with the Blacktop’, a song about emerging from the darkness and into the light, is befitting the musical journey of the band from obscurity to recognition; ‘Melt like a snowflake greeting the sun, all the darkness coming undone’. The song also echo’s the upbeat and powerful nature of synth pop songs from the likes of Spandau Ballet and the Human League, coupled with a style befitting a Vivienne Westwood catwalk show. Through their music, Trip Sinister aims to demonstrate these driving forces as a brief segue to a larger opus of work yet to come.


Dancing with the Blacktop (Single)
Electro Nonsence EP
(Album in progress)