Tripstick is one of the most unique rock bands to come out of Detroit. With their explosive blend of reggae, rock and funk they lay down a fresh Detroit style all their own. With close to 25 original tunes Tripstick has rocked the house at some of Detroit’s hottest music spots.


Tripstick's influences lie in many different types of music styles and musicians. The 4 members blend the stylings of Rock, Funk, Reggae and Blues and are influence by such artists as: Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, The Pixies, Sublime, Nirvana & Bob Marley. This blending of styles is what sets Tripstick apart from the current scene.


2003 - Fresh Fuzz (EP)
2004 - Quixotic (Misery was featured on the 89x Homeboy Show w/ Kelly Brown)

Set List

Our typical sets can run from a half hour to up to 2 hours. If we are playing solo we can break the sets up or we will play straight through. On a typical night we will play the following songs from our CD: Rise, Newaygo, Better, Tired Eye, Wezi, Realize, Smile, The Place, Orange Door, Wheels, Im There, Misery, R.E.G.S., Goujons and then some of our newest material including: RF420 & Brother.

The cover songs we do range from The Pixies, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Sublime & Black Sabbath.