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TripThrottle @ Neutral

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

TripThrottle @ The Penny Arcade

Rochester, New York, USA

Rochester, New York, USA

TripThrottle @ The Pussycat Lounge

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Though Trip Throttle's techno-pop isn't nearly as angular or regimented as say, German synth-pop pioneers Kraftwerk, keyboardist and percussion programmer Brian "B Rob" Robinson cites that band as a major influence. He also credits what he calls "Miami-type freestyle music." This somehow embarrasses him.

"Cause it sucks," Robinson says.

Well, whether Robinson and guitarist Shawn "Trip" Mott like it or not, the duo's form of electronic dance music leans heavily on a lot of electronica's sub-heads. And it works.

On stage, Trip Throttle offers a nonstop dream-dance cabaret --- extrapolated for relentlessly swollen dance floors and ambient for those who like to dance in their heads as well. It's a mix of joy and alarm, of sense and of the abstract. The joy is in a driving beat that punctuates the more ominous, chthonic strains.

Trip Throttle formed in mid-2004. The two got together to re-record some tunes they had cut to a four-track as the band Altered State back in 1995.Twenty-plus tunes resulted. After they whittled it down to the best 11, Trip Throttle released its debut disc, AlteredState. The CD traveled fast, landing in the hands of a promoter in Canada. Before the band could even get its feet wet locally it had a gig at Cathedral, a club in Toronto.

"He had given it to some of his DJ friends," Mott says. "DJ Osaze and DJ Human Clone. They play at all the dance clubs up there. He called us up: we need to get you guys up here because these guys are spinning your stuff pretty regular."

Mott and Robinson found themselves immediately welcome in a genre dominated primarily by DJs. Though Robinson programs trance-inducing beats and sex-textural musical sub strata, he also sprinkles plaintive piano lines on top.

And then there's Mott, a guitarist who sprang from metal roots. He played with bands like Rule out of Buffalo and Red Tide in Rochester. Mott straps on the guitar while adding "some miniscule keyboard dabbling." He's had to rethink his guitar attack but swears that isn't so much of a sacrifice.

"It's different," he says. "Obviously I'm not ripping off crazy leads and going nuts. Yeah, I do get the urge. I guess it's more of just being disciplined, using it as color to add a certain type of emotion here or there."

It's this color that sets this duo apart from --- if not above --- the rest. Even with all the facets and groove subtleties found in electronica, there is a certain monotony. Frankly it's bands like Trip Throttle throwing in some hairpin turns that makes the music more exciting. Trip Throttle is all the way live and a lot more than just wind-it-up-and-go techno.

"To our benefit we've never targeted any sound," Robinson says.

Mott explains: "Electronica is the parent genre to techno and break beat, IDM (intelligent dance music), EBM (electronic body music).... "

Trip Throttle embraces them all.

"But you don't have electronic music that has guitar and piano leads and stuff like that," Robinson says. "That just didn't exist until now."

"And chord changes," Mott adds.

"And chord changes," Robinson says. "Imagine that."

Trip Throttle plays with guests Chasing Daylight Saturday, February 4, at Montage Live, 50 Chestnut Street, 232-1520, at 10 p.m. $5. 18+

Or see them Friday, February 17, at Neutral Lounge, 349a, College Street, Kensington Market, Toronto, at 10:30 p.m. Voluntary cover. Info:

- City Newspaper - Frank DeBlase

Jon Miller is host of Internet radio's Brierly Hill 90210
( The British native lives and broadcasts from New Jersey, USA.

Invisible (Toronto Transit Mix)
The opening station announcer suggests an oncoming train motif. But this is not Kraftwerk's Trans-Europe Express. It's more the dirty, bastard, under-the-stairs, illegitimate spawn of TEE. Where Kraftwerk's electronics suggest the passing of green fields and pristine industrial landscapes, TripThrottle conjures up the smoke-swept, filth-filled industrial wasteland of a failed 21st century America. Tune? Melody? Hah! For wimps. TripThrottle works a canvas not restricted by such out-dated concepts. Any comparisons to or suggestions of Kraftwerk would be inaccurate and unfair. Think more Crystal Method, early Orbital or the original Terminator (you remember.... when it had menace instead of kitsch). In fact, if there are any independent sci-fi producers out there looking for a closing theme (for a down-beat ending, natch), look no further.

- John Miller

Julye Huggins, BFA, MA, CMA, is a member of the Earth Dancers based out of Toronto, Canada and is a Certified Movement Analyst

As an alternative fusion of ambient and electronic, TripThrottle has a great urban bite in their tunes, building on strong and steady Techno trance rhythms. Spicing up these addictive undercurrents, the pace is quickened and punctuated with a sharp industrial edge. Riding on the razor blade beat, their sound also blends in a light and smooth flowing melodic overlay. Something like a black Russian on the rocks, or better yet, being on the rocks with a black Russian. From driving tunes, to club sets, to live in concert, TripThrottle’s tracks have a wide appeal with a gripping energy that is sure to keep your heart racing.

- Julye Huggins

Trip Throttle

Let me just say that being inspired by bands like the Crystal Method, Prodigy and numerous other artists of that caliber, I can now add Trip Throttle to the list. I had never met these two guys from New York prior to the show, but like Red Star, I liked what music of theirs I heard online and we were excited to have them make the trip to do the show with us. WiKiD and I werent sure what to expect of their live performance, but it was one of the single-most amazing shows we have seen in a long time and being hardcore local music supporters, we see quite a number of shows each week around Columbus. Trip Throttle blew everything out of the water with a laser show that only complimented their incredible music. Theres no way to accurately describe the energy and raw emotion that their performance instilled us with. For those of you who missed it, you missed one HELL of an amazing spectacle! - Deviant Sex Labs Promotions - Columbus Ohio


The Wild Kingdom - released October 07
Altered State - released January 05
Transit AUthority EP - released May 05

TripThrottle is spun regularly at the following clubs in Toronto Canada:
Savage Garden
The Velvet Underground
The Bovine Sex Club
Neutral Lounge

Album and EP are also played on



So, do you really want to know who TripThrottle is? TripThrottle is Shawn Mott and Brian Robinson from Rochester NY. The fans refer to Shawn as Trip and Brian as B Rob. If you see them in your totally awesome city someday then you should call them by their nicknames. You will often see them together bickering like a couple of old ladies at a bingo tournament, having known each other since their childhood, this is just a natural progression of the incredibly solid friendship they have.

The Band:
TripThrottle originally began as Altered State. This dynamic duo got together in mid 2004 to re-record a couple of songs they had done a few years prior. This re-recording project gave birth to 20 plus songs of which 11 were selected and their debut album “Altered State” was born. Little did the band know that, 5 months after their release of “Altered State” on January 8th, 2005, they would have fans in 29 countries in places such as India, Australia, Israel, England and Peru, just to name a few. They have continually received rave reviews as a band that has set a new president for the Electronica Genre. Incorporating elements from Techno, Break Beat, IDM, EBM, Rock and Hard Core Dance, they have created a new sound for dance music fans. Their songs retain the familiarity of great bands such as TCM, Prodigy, and Orbital while at the same time bringing in melody and chord movement to create songs with backbone and integrity. They have been quickly picked up by promoters in major markets such as Toronto, Canada and Brooklyn, New York. As well as having their music selected for major motion picture usage. They have also received serious interest from major record labels in the USA and England. Fans from around the world are eagerly awaiting a world tour and as a result the band now has street teams around the world.
As of January 2006 the band boasts cd sales in 42 countries with an ever growing fan base.

The Chaps:


Trip is just that, a trip to be around. Sometimes this is good but sometimes not good as he often does not know when he has severely crossed the line with his antics. Trip has been known to let out giant horrifying screams in restaurants just to shake the patrons up a little bit. He is also the only person known of, to date, to be banned from a bowling alley, being told that if he is ever seen on the property again he will be promptly arrested. Why you ask? For bowling a Turkey, in nothing but is undies, with his bare rump exposed for all to see. A completely innocent event designed to get a chuckle out of the few bowling stragglers in the joint. Of course no thought was paid to what the management might think of such a juvenile act. He was quickly escorted from the establishment, never to return. And he didn’t even get a refund for his shoe rental.
Trip often brings the more aggressive element to TripThrottle. Having played guitar in numerous speed metal bands as well as a prominent but now defunct Hard Core band that was based out of Buffalo NY, he has extensive experience being on stage and gives fans an exciting live stage presence. This has proved to be an asset to the band. At live shows he has been known to jump off the stage, down into the dance pit, to tear it up with the fans.

Trip’s musical influences: P.O.D., Prodigy, The Crystal Method, U2, Gaither Vocal Band, Kentucky Thunder, Metallica
Trip is also an Applied Mathematics major at the University of Rochester - Current GPA: 3.87

B Rob

B Rob is the more appropriately humorous member of the group. Because of this it is only befitting that he is the afternoon DJ on the highly rated 98.9 The Buzz radio station. He is a graduate of recording school and can often be found using his meticulous ear mixing TripThrottle songs to the stellar quality that can be found on TripThrottle albums. B Rob is also a piano player who comes from a family of “perfect pitch” musicians and music lovers. He has what Trip states as, “a sickening talent for melody and musical construction”. B Rob has concert band experience and is often called upon by local Rochester artists for his ability to help with song construction and overall sonic quality.
B Rob was sent home early on his first day of work as the new night jock for Rock Radio 95X in Syracuse after an ill advised stage announcement stunt preceding the set of a major Modern Rock act. After heavy rains, the grounds took on a sloppy Woodstock 94’ flavor. B Rob leaned over the front of the stage and encouraged his new audience to “F him up with some mud”. The crowd responded enthusiastically and with wildly inaccurate aim they covered the stage with wet earth and mulch all the way back to the drum riser. B Rob’s boss quickly escorted him away from the wrath of the band and stage crew while stating that the stunt was the funniest thing he had ever seen in his life. The bands record company unsuccessfully billed the radio station for $65,000 in damages.

B Rob’