TRIPTIC combines technical skill, creativity and talent producing a unique blend of rock and funk. Although TRIPTIC is a trio, as the name implies, they utilize all of their assets including intricate vocal harmonies to harness a full sound.


TRIPTIC is based in Long Beach and has been performing in and around los Angeles since 2000. In addition to playing local venues, TRIPTIC has toured and performed nationally and has been featured on Spike TV's "10 Things Every Man Should Do"
TRIPTIC was formed when Damien Smith and Eric Bradfield met and worked together at a local record store. The magic began when a mutual friend organized a jam session and the boys felt an instant compatibility. It also did not hurt that Eric was in love with Damien's sister, giving him extra incentive to rehearse at the Smith house (Eric and Christie have now been married for 3 years). Soon after, Derek Silva, a local bass prodigy was brought into the picture and the songs began to flow. Damien's edgy riffs, combined with Eric’s natural gift for vocal arrangements, give TRIPTIC a sound that is distinctive and at the same time accessible to a wide audience. TRIPTIC can be described as Hendrix meets Alice in Chains, with a little Chili Peppers to spice up the mix.
TRIPTIC has released two full length albums independently, as well as 2 music videos.
TRIPTIC is busy writing new material and looking for a director for a third video in support of their new album.

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The One That Got Away

Written By: Smith/Bradfield

My soul is surrounded
The idle goddess is knocking at the door
One cannot be grounded
The chase is over...

Now you've got to slow down

She is the one that got away
It's a fact you've got to face
And all of the blood and sweat
She is the one you couldn't get

Mountain Song

Written By: Smith/Bradfield

Can you feel it comming down the mountain?

and it don't make sence
you runnin' around it
'cause it don't take much
and the wind blows in
ideas are flying
won't you hold it down


Through the Door

Written By: Smith Bradfield

Wipe it away from
the part that you like clean
Dont let it seep in
the matter of your dreams
The moment that you feel
this can't be real
The way to the door is different than before

Can't seem to comprehend the word fiction
Is'nt this life we live but a dream?
Can't seem to understand why you're screaming
Is this reality?


"TRIPTIC" - 2002, Independent
Several of the songs on the first album were featured in shows on Spike TV.

"Second The Begining"-2006 Independent

Set List

TRIPTIC sets can range from 35 minutes to 1 and a half hours, depending on the venue. A typical set may consist of the following songs:
"Mountain Song"
"Through the Door"
"The One That Got Away"
"I Am"
"Fight the Weight"