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Trip to Dover

Brighton, England, United Kingdom | SELF

Brighton, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Rock EDM


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Trip to Dover @ CNF-Festival

Frankfurt, None, Germany

Frankfurt, None, Germany

Trip to Dover @ TBA

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Germany, None, Germany

Trip to Dover @ Great Escape Alt. @ Queens Hotel

Brighton, None, United Kingdom

Brighton, None, United Kingdom



About 10 seconds into “Where was I” I thought I knew what I was about to listen to. An upbeat pop synth track not too dissimilar to artist like the ting tings and performance. I was very wrong.

The first chorus took me by surprise like it kicked me in the face. The track suddenly changes from pop (good pop at that) song into a synth driven rock song bearing heavy influences from artists like pendulum and prodigy.

The song continued to switch between pop and anthem rock till the middel 8 that does its job perfectly to set you up for the final chorus of this track. I was amazed the song finished to see the time at 3:05 I’m not quite sure how Trip to Dover have managed to fit all of this into a very radio friendly three minute song.

The is a strong performance from the whole band but a special mention has to go to the female vocalist. She leads the band well in both the rock and pop sections showing both a great range of pitch and styles throughout the track.

The track itself is very well recorded, produced and mixed and would not sound out of place on any major radio station.

I’m looking forward to hearing more from the band and will be keeping an eye out for them playing the Liverpool and Manchester area. - Sean O'Hare, Mako Records (Feb 04, 2012)

The reasons why I love Trip to Dovers ep are 1- they rock big time 2- they write infectiously catchy songs - they're gonna be huge. - Reverb Radio - Pelirocco Platters - Mick Robinson (Dec 1, 2011)

"A fiery, loud and heavy band. [...] Trip to Dover memorably offer a variation of sound throughout their set, drawing on multi dimensional dynamics. Fuelled by Johannes’ energetic synthesizer, the music is mostly fast paced and with some unique qualities." - Kim Hughes, Art & Soul Magazine, issue 33, pg 9 (Jan 18, 2010)

"Trip to Dover has a energetic show, that keeps you entertained throughout. It’s a good mix of Anouk and Mute Math. You don’t want to miss this band!" - Timo, DJ Radio Eindhoven, NL (Feb 10, 2009)

"From start to finish the band was professional and well organised, but it’s the performance where they really do stand out from the crowd. The music is high quality, the performance engaging & entertaining. People asked us if we will bring them back to Luton, and the answer is very definitely 'yes" - Paul Curry, PDM Music, Luton, UK (Apr 30, 2009)

"Trip to Dover is amazing live. So much energy! Buy a return ticket cause you want to see them again."
- Gareth, Far Que Promotions, Eastbourne (Jun 05, 2009)

"TTD's performance is tight from first note to last. [...] They played some of the most respected venues in the UK. All clad in white hoodies, they feature a female guitarist/vocalist, keys, bass and drums, and play a brand of electro hardcore from somewhere in the vicinity of the Enter Shikari camp." - Paddy Burke, Art & Soul Magazine, issue 29, pg 19 (Sep 01, 2009)

"Melodic, powerful female vocals, great keys, a band to keep an eye and ear on!" - Full Metal Rock Magazine, Las Vegas USA (Mar 21, 2011)


-Celestial Objects (2009)
-Nothing New (2010) USA release only
-Vegas&Berlin (coming February 2012)

RADIO: Trip to Dover tracks have been played at more than 50 local, regional and internet radio stations worldwide.



This female fronted, 4-piece started two years ago on the British South coast. 70.000 miles later they played all over Europe and toured the USA.

Trip to Dover is electronic glory without losing the raw edge of rock. Think electronic Foo Fighters. Think Moby goes rock. With her love for Gibson guitars and an unique powerful voice, Olga sets the tone. Backed up by Johannes’ set of keyboards the result is catchy and slightly dark electro rock.

For Trip to Dover being a band is playing live. Hence they bought their ex-postal van before the first show was booked. They doubled its mileage and despite frequent breakdowns always made it to their shows on time. Learning on the street, their live set became tight and is now performed with ecstatic energy.

With so much time on the road they almost forgot to think about a new CD. That, they will correct very soon. Believing they could do better they went into the studio over the summer to define the magical balance between alternative rock and synthesizers. The EP "Vegas&Berlin" will come out in Februari 2012.

Now, with better mechanical skills than ever (and breakdown cover), Trip to Dover is burning with excitement to start touring the new songs.