Trip Trap

Trip Trap


Composer Producer Mike Hoffman aka Trip Trap has spent the last decade of his life exploring the frontiers of instrumental music. From emotional ambient landscapes to heavy bass driven glitch-hop the uniqueness of his sound and clarity of his vision are conveyed in every track.


A drummer since the age of 10, musician, producer and composer Mike Hoffman
(aka Trip Trap) has spent the last 20 years of his life dedicated to his craft. He has
recorded and toured with dozens of bands including Aphrodesia and the Brian Jonestown
Massacre. He was also a founding member and composer for Gamelan X. His education
includes a BFA in music from the California Institute of the Arts and two trips to Ghana,
West Africa, where he studied the traditional music of the Ewe people.

In addition to his latest full length album "The New Alphabet", Mike has a back catalogue
of 2 EP's : "Music by Mike Hoffman" and "Bible Skylab Station". Released as a fundraiser, the
sales of "Bible Skylab Station" successfully put his friend Christopher Klove through his first
year of college in Ghana.

Currently Mike lives in San Francisco and makes his living as the drummer for Beach
Blanket Babylon, the world's longest-running musical cabaret theatre. Mike is a member
and manager at the Cell Space artist collective in the Mission District. He also performs
as a drummer and Dj, often combining his electronic music with live percussion.


signs of life

Written By: trip trap


sorrority girls

Written By: trip trap



The New Alphabet, Bible Skylab Station, Music By Mike Hoffman

Set List

1- 1.5 hour set with live electronic percussion improvisation.