Trip Trigger

Trip Trigger

 Sassenheim, South Holland, NLD

Trip Trigger is a band that plays its own special mixture of progressive rock and metal and are inspired by bands like: Tool, Rush, Incubus, Porcupine Tree, Muse.
The band has created their own distinct sound. You can expect odd time signatures, mysterious soundscapes and deep lyrics.


Trip Trigger was founded in 2007 and has its roots in Sassenheim, The Netherlands. The band consists of five energetic musicians. Joost Kralt (Vocals), Björn van der Ploeg (Bass), Kevin Hoogervorst (Guitar), Paul Hoogervorst (Drums) en Erik van Ittersum (Keys).

The machine was put in motion by Paul and Kevin who wanted to form a new band, a band that would be different from the other bands in the local scene. After they had seen Bjorn play in a local venue they knew that they had found their bass player. Not long after that they came together and wrote some of the early material. The next step was finding a singer, someone with his own sound. They found the guy, right under their noses. A long time friend of the trio turned out to be a great singer with his own voice and way of singing. A couple of years went by and the guys wanted to expand their sound and creativity. So the quest for a keyboard player began. They soon found Erik to be the perfect guy for the job.

Through the years Trip Trigger has played many shows in many different venues from Maastricht to Wieringerwerf and back again. They won the battle of the bands competition at OJC Fascinus, made it to the finals in the ''popprijs Holland Rijnland'' and competed in the Rob Acda awards in Het Patronaat, Haarlem

By winning the Battle of the bands, Trip Trigger recorded their first nameless demo in 2008 consisting of 2 songs: Able and Be Here Now.The demo was recorded at The box Studios in Katwijk, The Netherlands. These songs can be found on the media page

In October 2008, Trip Trigger recorded its first demo tracks at The Box Studios in Katwijk, which were mastered by MasteringedStudios. The demo contains 2 songs: Able and Be Here Now.

2011 and 2012 was the start of the new EP autononymous , the disc features 3 tracks: Becky, Trial and Error and the last song Mirrored. The EP was launched during the release show in Desmet, Amsterdam in May 2012.


2012 - EP autononymous - Tracks Becky, Trial & Error, Mirrored
2012 - Dutch Exposure Project LP - Various Artist - Tracks News Feed & Wave Away