Trisha Leigh Lamb

Trisha Leigh Lamb


We are refreshing. The type of music you can listen to all day, want to sing along to and helps you slip away into musical bliss and forget about everything else around you. <3


Trisha is a 24 year old student at Texas State University and Ashley is a 21 year old student at UTSA. We are both representing the gay community. We like upbeat music that keeps people smiling. We can best be describled as Alanis meets Jewel meets Colbie meets Regina Spektor mixed in with some real attitude and spark. People want to know us, they are drawn to our fun and positive atmosphere that we provide.

Set List

Right now we do covers including but not limited too:
Who will save your soul-Jewel
Perfect- Doria Roberts
If you could only see- Tonic
Bubbly- Colbie Callet
I can love you better- The Dixie Chicks