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"From female folky rock to full-out rock, this CD is passionate and powerful all the way." ~ CD Baby - CDBaby

"What's it all about?:

Who says teenagers from Saylorsburg won't amount to anything? Trisha O'Keefe is a 19-year-old singer/songwriter phenom from that small town a little north of our home base, but she's got the heart of a real rock chick who sounds like she could take on both the vast urban sprawl or the lonesome country with just her guitar strapped to her back. The young singer has already sung her heart out for VO5, Rolling Rock, mLife commercials, and now that she's got a record of original songs that she wrote all by herself to show she knows what she's doing. Don't let the cutesy butterflies on O'Keefe's debut, all the honest liars..., fool you, however. O'Keefe is a rock chick with a soft side, and slipping in her independent debut will let you in on the mushy good stuff (that's where those butterflies come in). The tracks are mostly tales of long gone wrong, but O'Keefe wants you to know she doesn't want to take any you-know-what from any you-know-who. Maybe her heart's been broken, but she seems like the type who'd rather work it out than to give up easily. Hey, it makes for good tunes.

We say:
Trisha's got a set of pipes. Even if "girl does good on guitar" isn't your cup of Jack D, you can't deny that O'Keefe's vocal work is impressive. The somtimes fuzzy, more often acoustic six-string sounds aren't much different from what you'll hear on the radio, but O'Keefe's voice is so powerful, you mght not even notice. When you need a break from the latest Melissa Etheridge or Sheryl Crow CD, you can slip Trisha O'Keefe in. We won't tell." ~ Monica Ortwein - Pulse Weekly

"Trisha O'Keefe may be only 19 years old, but she has a versatile voice and rock chops that are as mature as people whose lengthy career durations correspond to her tender age. On her statling debut, All The Honest Liars..., O'Keefe easily shifts her seductive vocals from a purr to a growl to an anthemic howl in a blink, referencing rockers both young (Alanis Morissette) and seasoned (Pat Benatar, Ann Wilson, Sheryl Crow). Musically, O'Keefe and recording partner Jim Klein have created a sound-track that draws on contemporary energy ("Obvious Addiction"), and a bedrock classic rock structure ("Easy To Fall"), a logical base for O'Keefe's big and passionate songs. But the duo's success lies essentially in the fact that they wisely build on O'Keefe's acoustic singer/songwriter foundation, never forgetting the delicate heart at the center of the rock bluster." ~Brian Baker - Amplifier Magazine

"Trisha O'Keefe is the kind of act that I love to see: passionate, smart and driven to make it happen."~ Jesse Lundy (Point Entertainment)

"Trisha O'Keefe is a true masterpiece. She's a shining star on the verge of conquering the world with her brand of pop-rock music that will blow you away."~ Madalyn Sklar, founder of

"It's rare that one comes across such a sagacious young talent – an assured, captivating voice who communicates with an astuteness and delicacy that belies her years... evocative, poignant, but never overstated. Definitely worth a listen - you won't be disappointed." ~ David Wagreich - Filmmaker, Los Angeles

“Trisha O'Keefe has the voice of a modern day Ann Wilson along with superb songwriting.”~ Randy Nicklaus - producer (INXS, Blondie, Meat Loaf, Aretha Franklin, Clint Black)

“Passionate but never overwrought, Trisha O'Keefe has that rarest of gifts: a voice you can believe in.” ~ Rob Morsberger - songwriter/composer, PBS, Frontline, NOVA

"Trisha is the most exciting singer/songwriter that I've heard since the first Alanis Morrisette CD.” ~ David Rosenberg - Composer/Freelance Percussionist (Madonna, Bob Dylan, Kenny Loggins, Chaka Khan, Alice Cooper)

"From the time guitarist/singer/songwriter Trisha O'Keefe opens her mouth to sing you know she's the real thing. And just when you think she's peaked she cranks it up 2-3 more notches... truly an amazing talent!" ~ Larry Oakes - Founder "Singer/Songwriter Sessions" - Trisha O'Keefe

Trisha O'Keefe
"LIVE! "
Genre: acoustic
reviewed by Madalyn Sklar

Trisha O'Keefe is an amazing talent and it’s evident in her latest release, “LIVE!”. It was recorded live at The Tin Angel in Philadelphia. Trisha really shines on this CD, taking us along on her journey of love, life, and heartache. Her vocals are amazing and really sparkle on this CD. It’s hard to believe all of this talent come from someone so young. She is only 21 years old! Trisha is a gem that will surely emerge from the masses and rise to the top.

by Bradley Bambarger

The title of the monthly New Jersey Songwriter in the Round sessions at Maxwell's in Hoboken can be something of a misnomer, none of the singer/songwriters participating on this past Tuesday comes from the state.

Yet, the musical gathering of four twentysomething East Coasters made for a plesaant, interesting evening just the same. And, as usual, the event was organized and hosted by bona fide New Jersey singer/songwriter Deb Ferrara, of Long Valley (who also co-hosts Chick Singer Night at Mexicali Blues in Teaneck).

From a small town in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, the doe-eyed Trisha O'Keefe showed a mixture of glamour and raw, red-blooded talent. Her songs had that most elusive of qualities - fresh, fully developed melody.

Best was "The Apartment", what she called her "happy little song about infidelity", which verred from bitter recitative to keening chorus.

Although blessed with a ringing voice, O'Keefe tended to undercut the individuality of her songs with a mannered, melodramatic singing style drawn from the likes of Melissa Etheridge. There's a girl in every town who sings like that, but few who write songs as interesting as O'Keefe's. Still, at only 21 years old, she's someone to watch.
- Star Ledger

"Appel Farm opens up to fresh talent year round" by Nicole Pensiero

Appel Farm is offering area residents a chance to hear up-and-coming talent perform at a price that's all-too-right: cheaper than a movie, in fact. The "First Fridays @ The Gallery" series, which kicked off last year, will continue in 2006, with the first show set for tonight. Singer-songwriters Trisha O'Keefe and Andrew Lipke will kick off the series with an 8 p.m. performance. O'Keefe, who lives near the Pocono Mountains, is a talented 21-year-old who is building a devoted fan base in the Philly region. Known for her passionate vocals, intelligent lyrics and catchy melodies, O'Keefe "lives, eats, and sleeps music."

"This is my day job, my night job and everything in between," she said in a recent phone interview. "I dream music."

A multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, bass, and clarinet, O'Keefe has been making a lot of noise on the national music scene recently. She was accepted to the acclaimed Berklee College of Music, in 2002 and received both a songwriting and vocal scholarship. She decided instead to put college on hold and work on building career momentum. Validation for that decision came in 2003, when songs from O'Keefe's independently-released CD All The Honest Liars became feature music on the ABC Daytime Drama All My Children. The national exposure continued when she was selected to be a vocalist on the new Coke Zero commercial "ChillTop," with artist G Love, last spring.

"It's all been very exciting - a little hectic, but I don't mind," O'Keefe said. "I have to build my audience, and that's what I'm doing."

Melissa Etheridge and Alanis Morisette comparisons aside, O'Keefe has earned kudos for her soaring vocals and intimate writing style, and has graced the stages of Philadelphia venues such as The Tin Angel, North Star Bar, and World Cafe Live. She was featured on the recently released Philly singer-songwriter compilation XYX, and is currently at work on her second solo album.

"I always say that the surest way to get to know me is just to listen to my music," O'Keefe said. Opener Andrew Lipke is a friend and the two will perform together for several songs, she said, adding that they "have a great time together onstage."

"We have a nice, mutual respect for one another's work," O'Keefe said, adding that she takes the role of singer-songwriter seriously when playing in small venues: "I like to tell the stories behind the songs in a way that capture's the audience's interest." While she has never played Appel Farm before, "I've heard a lot of great things about it, so I'm very excited." - Courier-Post

George Leon -
Fan review of "All The Honest Liars" on iTunes

"Who would believe that a 17 year old girl from the Poconos put together this superb, hard-driving indie rock CD? But Trisha O'KEefe did, and now one the eve of her second album, All The Honest Liars is as fresh as it was in '03. Check out the gutsy power of Obvious Addiction, then savor the change-up from the hard-rocking Uncomfortable to the gently acoustic Wait A Minute - both written around the same three magic words. If you're into indie you'll love this CD; if you're from the Philadelphia area, you'll be proud of it."

Adam Salsman - Fan Review of "All The Honest Liars"

"Sitting on myspace, as I do, one tends to get slammed with friend requests from every damn person in the 'Verse. Including musicians. Now, I'm a sucker for a beautiful face, but that's not reason enough for me to put them on any friends list. I consider that endorsing someone or something and I have enough integrity that I at least ask that you be a good musician.

Trisha, here, was both ( This gal has a great set of pipes, with some serious power and yet a sound that could easily send her to the top of any pop/rock chart, without being candy coated. Or, she could be an equally guilty pleasure, not unlike our Kelly Clarkson.

Anyway, the disc, "All the Honest Liars," is a small collection, only 9 tracks and weighing it at just under 38 minutes. And I feel that those two things are the worst part of the album: there's just not enough.

The album has a solid rock feel, with lots of electric and distorted and plenty of rock chick vocalization. The musical content ranges from up tempo rock love-ish tunes (a la "Easy to Fall"), break up tunes (a la "Dear John"), and even broken heart tunes (a la the very simplistically produced "Wait a Minute).

Not having seen her live yet, I don't know if her look matches with the rock sound she strives for, but listening to it, I feel like she should be accompanied by just an acoustic guitar more often than she is.

The album is well produced, well organized, and this (21 year old) gal has a solid range.

In the end: I think most people would be able to listen to AND enjoy this album. I think she's got a great set of pipes and a great look and could be chart gold, if she were handled right. All we are saying, is give Trish a chance."

Don Martin - Fan review of Trisha's support slot for Wishbone Ash at Sellersville Theatre (November 2005)

"Trisha O'Keefe, the opening act for Wishbone Ash gave a fine and elegent accoustic performance  with an electric bassist who's groove interweaved seamlessly with Trisha's guitar voicings and arrangements. A great voice, great phrasing, prolific songwriter.and "gracious" enough to allow a sampling of her work that your listening to on this page. So like what hear? Check her out at:  She was also kind enough to link this site with hers. Guess she liked the pics... I can only predict good things for this "gifted" artist...   D.Martin 11-13-05
- Internet

"Philly's Best Showcased At The Fest"

Beth Zuber
Special to MergeDigital

A variety of vocalists and musicians from the Philly Songwriters Project filled the stage on Thursday afternoon at Leiderplatz to demonstrate their talents and varied musical styles to the Musikfest crowd.

The first artist to display her talents with Trisha O'Keefe, a singer and songwriter whose music was recently featured on the popular daytime soap opera, All My Children. Accompanied only by her acoustic guitar, Trisha's powerful and smoky, yet beautiful voice entranced the audience. Her five-song set was comprised of folk rock ballads, which sang of love, loss and struggle. -,0,71

"I settled into my favorite seat, inches from the stage and glanced around the room. After months of seeing Jeff at venues that were too big or too small this was just right. Surrounded by old friends and fans from way back, the Tin Angel felt like home...with its tattered curtains, folksy mural and my man George on sound.

Trisha O'Keefe was the opening act. Remember that name, you'll be hearing it again. She's got talent and style. Playing her own brand of acoustic rock, Trisha croons like Etheridge and belts' em out like McVie. Her lyrics are heartfelt and intelligent and her vocals strong and passionate. You can check her out at" -


Star Burns Brightest (RELEASE DATE 5/1/07, Maggie Sez Music)

Trisha O'Keefe LIVE! (2006, Independently-released)

XYX (2005, MAD Dragon Records/Ryko Distribution)

All The Honest Liars (2003, Independently-released)



Twenty-three year old singer-songwriter Trisha O'Keefe has been working hard, and soaring to new heights in the music industry. In just a few short years, Trisha has received countless exposure in the mediums of press, radio, and television. She is a driven, poised, and passionate entrepeneur who is a promising front-runner in the world of DIY artists.

O'Keefe has worked hard to make a name for herself in the music industry. She has been a songwriter for 10 years, recording demos from the tender age of 12. At 17, she independently released her first CD, and was writing source music for the ABC Daytime Drama "All My Children", a show that airs for an international audience of millions, by 18. She became a regionally-touring artist by 19, and was a guest vocalist on her first national commercial, the Coke Zero campaign "ChillTop" with artist G Love, at the age of 20. At 21, she made her national television debut, performing on the talk show Soap Talk, and fielding an interview from hosts Lisa Rinna and Ty Treadway.

Trisha released her fourth CD, titled "Star Burns Brightest", on May 1st, 2007. So what is the significance of the title, Star Burns Brightest? "I spent so much of my life and my career trying to do right by so many people, trying to please everyone around me, trying to be adequate in others' eyes. This album was a journey for me in letting go of that, and living a life that makes me fulfilled. It's about me being the best version of me, burning the brightest that I can."

VENUES OF NOTE INCLUDE: The Bitter End (NYC), CBGB (NYC), The Point (Bryn Mawr, PA), The Trocadero Theater (Philadelphia, PA), World Cafe Live (Philadelphia, PA), The Tin Angel (Philadelphia, PA), Steel City Coffeehouse (Phoenixville, PA), Sellersville Theater (Sellersville, PA), Chaplin's (Spring City, PA), Jammin' Java (Vienna, VA), Godfrey Daniels (Bethlehem, PA), Rockwood Music Hall (NYC), Club Passim (Cambridge, MA), Uncommon Ground (Chicago, IL), Heartland Cafe (Chicago, IL), French Quarter Cafe (Nashville, TN), Chick Singer Night (Nashville, TN), Trophy's Bar (Austin, TX), The Cove (San Antonio, TX), Lazarus Coffee (San Antonio, TX), Smith's Olde Bar (Atlanta, GA)

SHARED THE STAGE WITH: Leon Russell, Jeffrey Gaines, Wishbone Ash, Marshall Crenshaw, Amos Lee (Blue Note), The Wood Brothers (of Medeski, Martin, and Wood), Phil Roy (Decca/Universal), Richard Julian (of The Little Willies), Richard Butler (of the Psychedelic Furs),The Rowan Brothers, Sarah Bettens (of K's Choice), Maktub (Velour Records), Bill Deasy, Susie Suh (Epic Records), Jenny Owens Young (Nettwerk), and The Duhks (Sugarhill Records)

PRESS: Philadelphia Daily News, Pulse Weekly, Amplifier Magazine, Star Ledger, Courier-Post, Soap Opera Weekly, Soap Opera Digest, Scranton Times, Ocean View Press (online), Audio Xposure (online), Associated Content, Bucks County Intelligencer, featured on the cover of the Philadelphia Metro

RADIO: In a brief independent campaign, Trisha was able to garner "All The Honest Liars" airplay on over 75 college and commercial radio stations, across the U.S.

"Never Enough", Trisha's single from "Star Burns Brightest", has already been made WXPN's Philly Local Pick-of-the-Day twice! Thanks to Helen Leicht!

RADIO PERFORMANCE EXPERIENCE INCLUDES: Helen Leicht's "Philly Local" show on WXPN, the "Women's Music Hour" with Michael Majoun on WXPN, "Gary in the Morning" with Gary Smith on WSBG, "Backyard Bands" with Brother Joel on WZZO, "Classic FM" with Gene Godfrey on WBZC, "Artists Up Close" with Beth and Jules on WNTI, two appearances on Susquehanna University's WQSU, "Daytime Debauchery" on Fearless Radio

WORKSHOP PERFORMANCE INCLUDES: Music and Singing Workshop at Rohrerstown Elementary, Songwriting and Music Industry Workshop at Pleasant Valley High School, Songwriting and Performing Workshop at Millersville University Popular Music Class

COLLEGE PERFORMANCE: University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, East Stroudsburg University, Penn State (Mont Alto Campus), Dartmouth College, TCNJ, Millersville University, Widener University

CONFERENCES: MMC8, MMC9, Dewey Beach Music Conference (2005, 2006), SXSW (2006), NEMO (first-alternate, 2006)

FESTIVALS: Musikfest (2003, 2006), WXPN's "All About The Music festival (2005), Connecticut Agricultural Fair (2006), Lancasterfest (2006), Cutting Edge of the Campfire Festival (2006, 2007), Hyperactive Music Festival (2007)

*Performed "God Bless America" at the Phillies/Pirates game on July 29th, 2007, as artist representative of radio station WXPN, to an audience of 40,000+.

*Back-up vocalist in artist G Love's commercial for Coke Zero, in Coca Cola's new campaign, "Chilltop", a remake of the classic "Hilltop" commercial of the 70s.

*15 songs from Trisha's CD "All The Honest Liars" and her 2000 demo recording have been featured on the ABC Daytime Drama "All My Children".

*National television appearance on Soap Network's "Soa