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Trish Bentley


Trish Bentley's music incorporates trippy beats with soul driven vocals and acoustic guitar riffs. It is a unique fusion of trip hop, pop, rock and soul!!


Trish Bentley
Trish Bentley – Street Songs (2006)
Trish Bentley is a fresh new songwriter with Irish blood, a Canadian heart, New York edge and great style – she incorporates urban beats with catchy, organic guitar riffs and marries that with soulful, emotionally driven vocals. Trish’s unique form of lyrical writing is laid on heartfelt melodies that will stay in your head for days. Her emotionally intelligent perspective draws you in while your foot is tapping along.

She grew up in the prairies of Western Canada in the city of Edmonton. ("Nice but sheltered, a little bubble"), "I grew up dreaming of New York City and places that breed artists and free thinkers.”

Her EP 'Street Songs' is the creative consequence of that inquiring ambition. "My songs are little stories from all the observations that I’ve made of people and myself and my own take on human interaction," she explains. "If each song was a different person and they all came together at a party, it would be like a stripper talking to a college professor, an emotional wreck listening to a shrink, that would be a collection of my songs.”

Trish started playing guitar when she was 10 years old and played in numerous bands throughout High School being the only female lead guitarist for miles around. When she eventually stepped up to the microphone to display her vocal ability her musical tastes began to change. “All I listened to at that point was Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughn, Billy Holiday, and then I moved into Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and Fiona Apple.”

Hungry for experiences and independence, she moved to Toronto at 18 and began gigging wherever she could. She put together a band, recorded her first album and made a name for herself. She licensed several songs and performed on Canadian television shows along with playing side stages to such artists such as Indigo Girls and Macy Gray. She distributed that album completely independently and received a large amount of airplay on Canadian College Radio.

Next stop on her personal odyssey was New York City. Interest from industry reps lured her to the big apple once and for all. Her musical journey took a turn when she arrived, “I started singing out loud walking down the street, hearing beats in my head and with all the noise on the street it just fit.” The result was Street Songs. It’s honest lyrics and heavily melodic soulful riffs stay with you long after a spin in your ipod. The choruses quickly get under your skin and stay there.

Trish writes and produces all of her own material along with working with other artists producing their material. She plays live with her band in New York City, accompanying her is a bassist, violinist, guitarist, cellist and live beats playing through a PA. It’s a unique show that encompasses a unique style with grace and intelligence. Expect great things from this young budding artist.

Trish Bentley


The Way

Written By: Trish Bentley

Thinking back to when it all seemed right
Changes made without a fight
There were things that I would never do, never thought I’d leave you.
I know how this sounds, but it’s got nothing to do with you.

Chorus: I don’t really care what you say, I’ll find it out on the way.
I don’t really care what you do, cause I ain’t got nothing to prove

You get so damn sure of things, it’s all you know then it fades.
You feel there’s nothing left to learn, you turn the corner, you get burned.
I know how this sounds, but it’s got nothing to do with me.



Street Songs 2006
Basement Beats 2004 (EP)
Demo Versions 2003 (EP)

Set List

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