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Seoul, Seoul, South Korea | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Seoul, Seoul, South Korea | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Alternative Synth





Triss (South Korea) Indie Week 2018 “Best of the Fest” to perform at COMA Fest
INDIE WEEK 2018 “Best of The Fest” act, TRISS (South Korea) will be performing at Festival CoMA (Brasilia) Aug 2-4. Festival CoMA is a Music and Art Convention, a festival that gathers concerts and lectures – for fans and music professionals in Brasilia.
“Indie Week was such a wonderful experience! One of the best international gateway festivals for lesser known artists!” - indieweek

"Social Media Challenge Leads Unknown Korean Rock Band Halfway Around the World"

A new wave of K-pop dance challenges with Rolly Rolly, a song by a Korean rock band, TRISS.

SEOUL, South Korea, July 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Korean rock band TRISS's latest single 'Rolly Rolly' has created a new wave of K-POP dance challenges unexpectedly after the band posted their dancing videos for fun with the song, 'Rolly Rolly' on social media.

[Photo:TRISS Profile]

Starting in Korea, many people mimicked the Rolly Rolly dance on a short video application, 'TikTok.' Soon, the Rolly Rolly challenge went viral and is widespread throughout Asia into Brazil and South America. Now the challenge has been viewed by over 60 mililon TikTok users.

The song itself was released on July 3rd, has brightly repetitive synths bass sounds and easily addictive catchy melodies.

Watch "Rolly Rolly Dance Challenge" here:

[Photo: Rolly Rolly Dance Challenge]

TRISS is an alternative synth-pop/rock band from South Korea, strongly inspired by 80's synth sound and sci-fi movies. The band consists of Hyun Duk Yang(lead vocal, composer, and guitar), Young Kwon Shin(drum), Min Kyu Kim(bass), and Daisy Chung(synthesizer and backing vocal).

Unlike most of the K-Pop bands such as BTS and BlackPink, which are known for group choreography, dance music, and Korean lyrics, TRISS plays every instrument live and writes all of their songs in English.

With the viral success of the challenge to its massive popularity on social media, TRISS is invited to one of the biggest music festivals in Brasilia, Brazil, which is half a world away from Korea by plane, and also host a K-Pop concert in São Paulo.

Watch TRISS's "Rolly Rolly" Music Video here:

Meet the band TRISS
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TRISS is an alternative synth-pop/rock band from South Korea strongly inspired by 80’s
synth sound and sci-fi movies. Vocal ‘Hyun Duk Yang’ who is also the composer of
TRISS, takes influence from famous soundtracks of the 80s and 90s sci-fi movies to
produce his music. Rest of the rock-oriented performers combined with retrospective
style is unique. They also deliver unique and distinctive captivation to their audiences by
presenting self-made visual art lyric videos to boost the Sci-Fi ambiance.

Despite their nationality, most of their music is written in English, which brings a lot of
attention from music fans around the world and boosts Triss to grow as a global musician.
Triss always communicate intimately with over 20,000 of national and international fans
through social media by presenting live performance footages, behind the scenes, etc.
They got a spotlight in Korean indie music scenes as they have won a couple of the most
intense indie music auditions in Korea such as ‘2017 KT&G Band discovery’ and ‘2017
Busan rock festival competition Burock’.

In 2018, the journey as a global musician begun in Toronto. Triss has won a BEST OF
FEST award among more than 250 musicians from 16 countries in an INDIE WEEK
CANADA, which was sponsored by the Canadian federal government and the Ontario
By being a winner, TRISS is officially invited as a headliner to CoMA festival, the music
festival in Brasilia, Brazil in August 2019.

Also invited to M for Montreal 2019, Montreal Canada

2018 Indie Week Canada 2018 (Best Of Fest)
2018 Korea Creative Content Agency International Festival Support Project (Musician For Grants)
2018 Independent Bands Audition, Indiestance (Annual Competition: Top 6)
2018 Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival 2018 (Annual Competition: Penta Rookie Top 6)
2018 Platform Changdong61 (Featured Musician)
2017 Kt&G Sangsang Madang [Band Discovery] (Winner)
2017 Busan International Rock Festival, Burock Battle (Runner-Up)


2019 M for Montreal (Montreal, Canada)

2019 Indie week Canada 2019 Mod Club (Toronto, Canada)

2019 Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival (Incheon, Korea)
2019 TRISS Live Concert (Saõ Paulo, Brazil)
2019 Festival CoMA (Brasilia, Brazil)
2019 Unique Music Fest with Bugs (Seoul, Korea)
2019 Live Club Day 4th Anniversary Live Stage (Seoul, Korea)
2018 Indie Week Canada (Toronto, Canada)
2018 KBS All That Music (Seoul, Korea)
2018 NAVER Onstage (Seoul, Korea)
2018 Dream Forest Art Center Special Concert, Flute At Night 2018 (Seoul, Korea)
2018 1st EP [Science And Fantasy] Release Concert (Seoul, Korea)
2018 Live Club Day 3rd Anniversary Live Stage (Seoul, Korea)
2017 Sangsang Fest 2017 (Seoul, Korea)
2017 Sangsangmadang 10th Anniversary (Seoul, Korea)

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