Tristan and the Troubadours
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Tristan and the Troubadours

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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Demo Of the Month (2)"

And so T&TT cruise to their second Demo Of The Month award, so far ahead of this month’s pack there’s time for them to enjoy a lazy picnic in a meadow not far from the finishing line. Which is appropriate since listening to this new demo makes us think of summer and sunshine and happy, carefree days and being young. They’re proof positive you can make clever, ambitious pop without going all proggy and epic. Opening track ‘This Is, To Be’ initially feels a bit more grown up, less breathless than their previous outing, and with its swirling synths and rumbling, teasing atmosphere does a grand job of reigning in the tension until you expect it all to explode. Except it doesn’t, it pauses for breath then dinks off playfully, balancing between sweet natured post-punk and bubbling synth-pop. ‘Lamplight’ is closer to what we expect from the band, a violin and electric piano-led shimmy full of keening naivety and an airy sense of springtime romance. Such breeziness comes to full bloom on ‘Tapes & Tapes’, possibly a tribute to the band of the same name, with boy-girl harmonies and the potential to turn into the theme to Sesame Street at one point. A shadow falls across the end of the demo with the darker ‘3 Studies For Fingers’, the violin circling like a murder of crows over a militant melody that eventually
spirals into a vicious, fizzing finale. Tristan & The Troubadours are quite simply a superb
pop band, and they’re still so young it fair makes you dizzy thinking about their potential.
- Nightshift Music Magazine, Feb. 09

"Demo of the Month (1)"

Short and really rather sweet is the Tristan & The Troubadours way, here managing to compact myriad cute pop ideas into two-and-a-half-minute bite-size chunks, showing a good few of this month’s other contenders
how easy it can be. From the opening piano and synth clamour of ‘Crows & Doves’, with its breathless vocals and fidgety delicacy, they’re on a winner – something we could never have predicted when we consigned
them to the Demo Dumper a couple of years back (when the poor ickle lambkins were only about 14 years old – and what bastards we feel about that now). They’ve got a great mix of fluffy jangle-pop naivety and something more virulent and dark-minded from the gloomier side of New York’s musical underground, the scraping violin in particular adding a menace to songs like ‘Venice Ghosts’ and ‘K Mono’. Sometimes
they sound like they’re going to launch into a segment of ‘Tubular Bells’, at others they’re deceptively propulsive, a haphazard but fun mix of throwaway guitar squalls, whispered female backing vocals, untidy funk and jumbled beats, seemingly held together by sellotape and determination. They swirl like a gentle snow blizzard and tell you more about the secrets of pop music with every half-thought-out scurrying left turn than all the earnest singer-songwriters here could muster in an aeon of ball-aching emoting.
- Nightshift Music Magazine Jul. 2008


Three self released recorded demos, with a two track pending release after the summer .
Radio play on 4/5 songs locally and 1 nationally (Radio 1). All recorded tracks have been streamed on myspace.



We started out when the core members were about 14 years old, merely starting the band for something to kill time. Yet as we matured, the band brought more new members into the fold and developed a sound which accumulated into what we have today. Now being 18, with our current line up for nearly a year, we feel ready to really push things in our gap year and actually trying to make something happen of our hard work over the previous three to four years.

To date we have played Truck Festival twice, supported The Mystery Jets and more recently have supported The Young Knives at the Carling Academy (Oxford). We once were nominated aswell for a Radio One Competition by the 'Introducing show...' on Radio Oxford, as a regional nominee to play Underage Festival. We got to the final 4 in the country, being played on Huw Stephens and having The Mystery Jets handpick us on a live show.

Our influences are massively diverse, as with 7 members in the band each one brings a new approach to our music. Whether it be Dubstep and Drum and Bass, to the likes of Blues and the London Alt.Folk scene. Each member will bring a new perspective to the song writing process and enable ourselves to really push genres, without pigeon holing ourselves, especially within the Oxford music scene.