Tristan Israel

Tristan Israel


My music is an infusuion of various folk and popular styles blended in a raw and honest way. The pieces range from the humerous to the topical or to the more private and personal world of the soul.


Troubadour, Tristan Israel, started performing his original music in and around the New York City area in the mid sixties. By the early seventies he joined forces with his brother Ron Israel when they both moved to Cambridge Massachusetts. They delighted New England coffee houses and bars as “The Penciltappers”, with their original songs and unique style. Tristan returned to the Vineyard where he started a landscape business, got married and adopted a son. His journey has come full circle as he is now back writing and performing on and off of Martha’s Vineyard. His CD, “Room Full of Dreams” reflects the full range and versatility of his talent. From the very personal sentiments expressed in the song “Virginia” to the humor and wit of “Tularemia” and “Marilyn B.” the listener is taken on a journey of many moods and styles. The title song “Room Full of Dreams #2” is about the off kilt, sometimes all consuming world of Internet Chat Rooms. “Right Wing Talk Show Host” is a biting comment on the stereotypical political jock heard on many talk radio stations. Tristan’s guitar work is varied and unique. From Appalachian style finger picking to down home blues, he draws from his deep love of traditional American Folk Music. He has opened for the likes of Patty Larkin, Cheryl Wheeler and Ellen McILwaine as well as other noted performers.“Room Full of Dreams” is an innovative album and Tristan Israel is one of New England’s best.


Room Full Of Dreams #2

Written By: Tristan Israel

why am I talking just to you?
You like to travel and you like to see things new,
you've got a boyfriend in England too.
Hot_ teen are you old or are you young?
Are you really here looking for some fun?
Or are you just a hustle in the night,
for lonely souls who have no life?

Room full of dreamers,
lost souls, schemers,
dreams for those whose dreams never come true.
Room full of dreams,
aint nothing here what it seems,
room full of dreams number two.

LostKayinNH chat with me.
Are you married are you bi are you free?
Do I tell you all the truths about me?
About my life and my hang-ups and my needs?
Lady Virgo are you honestly a vet?
Did I tell you that I too have lots of pets?
It must be hard doin what you do,
are you here because you’re lonely too?

Abe Lincoln’s flaming in the room.
He's mad because he thinks the world is doomed.
AbbeyinCa just laughs at him
and says out loud I don't accept PM's.
HomerSimpson says “hi” to the Virgin.
Six months in the room makes them old friends.
They greet LadyGodiva and Poohbear,
it feels so good to have their cyber friends there.


But in the end there is only one real space
and it’s not on the screen before our face.
It’s in the very fabric of our lives.
It’s in pattern on the wings of a butterfly,
or in the sound of the night wind passing by,
or in the questions on the lips of a tiny child.



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Set List

My typical sets contain mainly original tunes with an occassional folk or pop cover. The songs vary in length for 3 to 5 minutes. A set list may include Virginia, Magic Mitch, Tukeremia, Marilyn B., Goin' Down Southland, Hep C, Purity, Country Suburbam Music and others. I try to vary the style from song to song.