Tristan Kromer

Tristan Kromer


"I just love it. It's absolutely beautiful . . .[Tristan Kromer is] talented beyond the normal musician/composers of today."
- Liz Smith, Editor of


Biographical Information
Tristan Kromer is best known around the east coast for playing music in a variety of incarnations. He is also reknown for throwing very large parties and having a four poster bed. Tristan’s largest and most ambitious music project Deridian explored world fusion music in a pop context featuring a horn section and a rotating cast of some of New York’s finest musicians. The folk, blues & bluegrass trio H2K (Hermann, Hochman & Kromer) has been a relatively recent addition featuring Pete Hermann sharing vocal duties and David Hochman’s songwriting. Tristan has also been sighted playing percussion & bass with Ari David & Cristina Cruz, playing bass with the Scott Wolfson Band (as well as co-producing their last album), and harassing a vast array of other musicians with ideas for other bands.

Tristan has been playing music since the age of four and loves every minute of it. Since having earned a B.A. in philosophy from New York University, Tristan has devoted himself solely to music. In addition to private studies on varied instruments (guitar, trumpet, mandolin, piano, violin, sitar, tablas, fretless bass, & percussion) Tristan has studied vocals in opera at Carnegie Mellon University, north Indian raga from Marina Alam, and pop music at Katie Agresta Studios. He has studied north Indian music theory at Chhandayan with Samir Chatterjee, music theory at the Sangeet School of World Music, and classical music theory at New York University. Lastly, Tristan can play the ukulele . . . very poorly.

Current Projects
Tristan is currently raising funds to finish his first solo album, which began as a guitar & vocals quickie and has now evolved into an 18 song 24 track monster. Towards that end he is apparently wandering around America aimlessly.

He swears there is a plan.



Deridian "Purple & Yellow" EP
Deridian "Black & White" CD
Tristan Kromer solo EP

Set List

Without time constraints the show runs two sets of one and a half hours long. The material is 90% original with the occasional cover such as "Scarlet Begonias" or "Ramble On".