Tristan Omand

Tristan Omand

 Manchester, New Hampshire, USA

An old soul. A madman with a multitrack recorder. A born entertainer with "a youthful wonderlust, strong passion and molten ambition" A blazing flat picker, a walking music dictionary. Either way, Tristan is a man with a true and honest approach to Americana music. New album, Tolled Stories out now.


"His musical style might be considered Folk. You might also call it country, or Americana, but whatever you label it, his earthy, realistic lyrics reveal a man full of youthful wonderlust, strong passion and molten ambition."

Adam McCune - The Union Leader

Tristan has been lighting up stages in the Northeast U.S. and releasing albums for over 10 years now. Having learned the ropes of recording and releasing albums and touring through playing in bands for a number of years, he has found his true calling by striking out on his own. Based out of Manchester, New Hampshire (right outside of Boston), along with fourteen years of guitar playing under his belt, Tristan's stage show is a barrage of original and traditional four chord Folk/Americana songs along with tasteful licks, usually played at break-neck bluegrassy speeds. Though, just as he can have your head bobbing and feet tapping at a rocking speed, he can make your heart ache with a slow ballad type song. Even as a one-man act, Tristan's energetic performance and skillful guitar and vocal ability fill up a stage like none other.

A self-proclaimed "audio nerd", Omand records all his own music and has an extensive collection of CD's, Cassettes, and Vinyl which he treasures dearly, and has always found salvation and influence in. "Music is constantly on my mind." he says, "I hear it in phone dial tones, footsteps, door bells, birds and whatever has even a shred of rhythm or melody in it…"

Forgoing things like college and prospective "normal" careers, in lieu of focusing on his real calling in life - his dedication to writing, playing, recording, and releasing music. While friends and past musical cohorts fell into the infinite cycle of careers and "settled down living", Tristan kept sweating it out, stocking shelves, working in warehouses, cleaning boilers, and whatever else just to get by while he spent his nights and weekends away playing gigs wherever he could, while keeping up a steady stream of writing at the same time.

Tristan’s songs take influence, and pay tribute to legends like Pete Seeger, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and The Ramones - though, his sound has developed into something entirely his own over the years, which gathers more attention and admiration with every performance. His newest offering, Tolled Stories, reflects years of dedication, and a raw, stripped down Americana sound. Tristan independently released the new album on Raised In A Barn Recordings, and recorded it himself on a shoestring budget of about $300. It is available worldwide on iTunes, and in select locations on CD.


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Tristan Omand
"Tolled Storied"
2011 Raised In A Barn Recordings (ascap)
Written, recorded, and mixed by Tristan Omand.
Tracks 1-8 mastered by Dave Locke at JP Masters.

1. This Is All Happening
2. Ride Ride Ride
3. Broken Hearted Woman
4. Hometown Eulogy
5. Last Words
6. Heartbreak Disease
7. Panhandling In A Ghost Town
8. Victory Day
9. Not Goin' Far

Set List

Sets vary depending on venue and performance length.

-City In A Box
-New England Fog
-Alone, Sad & Restless
-The Simple Things
-Every Word I Said
-Wandering Minstrel
-Disappearing Act
-Just Getting By
-Science Fiction Life
-The Organist
-Slipping Hands
-Breathe These Fumes
-Oh, The Tragedy
-The Crying Hills
-King Of It All
-Apartment Sounds
-Background Music
-Pockets Full Of Rocks
-Honest Rumors

-Blister In The Sun by The Violent Femmes
-I Am The Way by Loudon Wainright III