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Tristan Silverman

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Band Spoken Word Comedy


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"She's phenomenal"

"There are dozens of poets invited to perform on campuses, but very few are invited back. Tristan is one of those few. She is an artist who took her gift and made it better; she’s phenomenal. Unforgettable, without a doubt.” - P.Giliken, Activities Programmer, Univ. New Mexico, Alberqurque - P.Giliken, Activities Programmer, Univ. New Mexico, Alberqurque

"A joy ride"

"Tristan will take your clothes off with her words. She'll take them on a joy ride, a dangerous ride--a ride that will leave them out of breath."
-Dorothy Allison, New York Times Notable Book Author & 2-time LAMBDA literary recipient - Dorothy Allison, New York Times Notable Book Author & 2-time LAMBDA literary recipient

"How Slam Poetry Is Different at SUNY Geneseo, Tristan Silverman Features"

As part of the efforts to increase interest in slam poetry, the College Union and Activities, the Office of Multi-Cultural Affairs, Activities Commission and the Geneseo Slam Poets brought three professional poets to the KnightSpot on Feb. 3. Turnout was increased from recent poetry events, approaching 70 attendees.

Surprise guest and Rochester resident Rachel McKibbens (2009 Women of the World Slam Champion) joined Raucous Ink members Tristan Silverman (Women of the World Poetry Slam competitor and winner of the 2003 Beacon Award for Art Activism) and Tara Hardy (2002 Seattle Grand Slam Champion and 2009 National Poetry Slam competitor).

Ramirez and Bertlesman opened for the main acts that complimented the Geneseo talent, as well as one another throughout the course of the night. Especially after the first poem, a Silverman-Hardy duet, a sense of community in the spoken word arena was very apparent.

Both Silverman and Hardy, whose act has carried them across the nation, were spectacular from their introduction to the moment the show was over. They addressed topics including sex, sexuality, faith, relationships, politics, family and forgiveness with wit and an actually fresh sense of originality and without missing a beat.

Toward the end of their act, Silverman asked herself aloud if the audience could really be as attentive as it appeared; it was - the artists had enticed and enchanted listeners through their sheer self-offering through honest poetry.

The interlude by McKibbens was certainly unexpected but extremely fortunate. All of her pieces were excellent but her final untitled poem, addressed to her daughters, was austerely fantastic. McKibbens seemingly plain advise on love transformed into gospel on the stage as she ended with a tearful "Amen." - The Lamron, College Paper

"Accolades from the 2008 Revival Tour"

“I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing and organizing Revival shows for
the past two years, and each time the experience seems to outdo itself. The group has never ceased to amaze audiences of all ages with their ability to wrap your heartstrings around their fingers while they entertain, move, and completely shatter what you thought you knew
about spoken word.”

-- Kayleigh Goldsworthy, SUNY Fredonia

The Revival shows are like a rock concert, improv show, dance party, and poetry reading all rolled into one. Our show happened to land on election night this past November 2008, and the energy that these tremendously talented poets brought to the stage rivaled the excitment of the celebrating crowds in the street outside our venue.”

-- AS Productions, Western Washington University.

"The performance that Anis, Derrick, and Buddy put on at our festival last year was truly phenomenal. The energy and skill of their poetry overwhelmed the room, and even now, months and months later, people are still raving about it. We filled a 550-seat auditorium to standing
room only, and they did not leave disappointed. The Revival is the real thing."

-- Greg Netzer, Executive Director, Wordstock Literary Festival
"…one of the most life altering, art arresting, soul liquifying, blind man's last blink of the sky kind of experiences that remind stomachs of the first time they housed butterflies. We intend to make the yearly Revival an addition to our poetry series for as long as we can."

-- Gabrielle Dunkley,University of Maryland

"There is a love-crater in my community where The Revival bomb
exploded last year. People still talk about it, as if joy-stunned with inspiration that decimated our sadness for months afterward."

-- Robbie Q. Telfer, Director of Performing Arts, Young Chicago Authors - Various


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Tristan Silverman writes and performs from the place where biology, politics and humor converge. Tristan’s poetry narrates the humanness of flaw, the fluidity of identity, and the reality of coming of age queer and American. Interrupting the sometimes monotonous and theatrical qualities commonly associated with slam poets, Tristan uses bold imagery, surprising narratives and an unassuming performance style to captivate her audience while letting them interact.

Her work has been published in journals and anthologies including Boxcar Poetry Review, The November 3rd Club, Pedestal Magazine, decomP, and the forthcoming Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation, edited by Kate Bornstein (Seal Press, 2012).