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Austin, Texas, United States | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Rock Punk


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Wild Card
My Friend
The Daily Grind
Feed The Monster
Lovely Curse
What Has Yet To Come
Button Down Shirt
The New Song



Triverse was created when Thomas joined twin brothers Max & Kevin in 2007. With the release of their first EP Feed The Monster in April 2010, Triverse is on the road to the power source. Practicing their set every chance they get and working on new songs, the band is ready. The stage presence of Triverse brings a mixture of fun and comedy along with the mystery of the Monster Box. The Monster Box contains an entity that craves power and will express itself when it hears and feels the power of the band. When the monster gets excited it will glow and or beam multiple different hues. The monster expels its foggy breath all during the show, and often tries to escape. Thomas or Kevin have to jump onto the lid of the box to keep the monster contained.

Triverse starts off strong and stays strong throughout their set. The heart and sole touching lyrics written by Max, combined with powerful music from Thomas and Kevin make Triverse a true original.

The early songs such as Wild Card, My Friend and Daily Grind, took on a fast rock/punk concept with comparisons to the Offspring, Greenday and the Clash. Later works such as Feed The Monster, What Has Yet To Come and Lovely Curse have taken on a more rocking/jazz with change up/riff switches and vocal switches between Max & Kevin.


Daily Grind is a catchy song that after a couple of listens, will stick in your head as you watch the seconds tic away at your daily grind.

Wild Card is sung in the first and second person. Deep lyrics expelled with extreme emotion by Kevin make you feel the pain and embarrassment of this poor soul.

With a most unique opening rhythm Feed The Monster delves into the ferocious appetite of the monster that is us all. Feed The Monster tells it’s story on the lines of Rush 2112 after Syrinx or Pink Floyd the Wall. Follow along as Max tells of his fear and unwillingness to Feed The Monster, and Kevin retorts with not only acceptance of the monster but the need to over feed it.

Lovely Curse Opens with a Jazz base lick and then hits hard with a rocking high fret guitar run. Lovely Curse can pull forth emotional thoughts and memories to anyone who has been or has known a lovely curse. “Feed your heart and sole into me, I’m a bird, you’re my prey” is just one example of the piercing lyrics of this pulse raising song.

What Has Yet To Come is a song about the misunderstood and forsaken hero who even though berated by his people, he still comes back to help them in their time of need. Listen to the transition of this humble hero as once again he will fight once more and become The Dark Knight, in this world full of hate and greed.