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 Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA
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The life of the party, the brains of the operation. We aren't a band, we're a trivia company. But we're better than that last band you booked, did you notice how many people came? And you didn't have to pay a sound guy or ask us to quiet down.


Trivia Mafia started as a way for folks who love trivia and love bars to make some money and have some fun. That is also how Trivia Mafia will end, but we don't ever plan on ending.


A Set of Questions for You

Written By: Trivia Mafia


1. What company owned the tea that colonial rebels threw into Boston Harbor during the Boston Tea Party?

2. George Clooney has been in three Coen Brothers movies. Name two of them.

3. Chubby Checker chose his name to poke fun at what porky singer?

4. What HBO comedy have therapists begun showing to schizophrenic patients to prepare them for socially awkward situations?

5. Who currently holds the NFL record for most rushing yards in a single game?

6. Who wrote the book The Road, which was recently adapted into a movie?

7. What is the most popular Christmas tree in America: fir, pine, or spruce?

8. In what city is the United Nations Climate Conference this week?

9. Is a car battery AC or DC?

10. Lindsey Buckingham--famous for the song "Holiday Road" in the National Lampoon's Vacation--was a member of what huge '70s band?


1. What late screenwriter launched his career with National Lampoon's Vacation?

2. In The Big Lebowski, where does the Dude like to get his burgers?

3. What is the most popular deodorant brand among American men?

4. Who wrote the Twilight book series??

5. What current late-night talk show host is Dennis Leary's third cousin?

6. Three presidents have been governors of states west of the Mississippi. Name two. 7. During what movie does Robert Duvall say, "I love the smell of napalm in the morning"?

8. The man who produced and conducted "We Are the World" also wrote the theme music to "The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire." Who was it?

9. What country is the birthplace of tweed?

10. What actress is portraying Joan Jett in the upcoming movie The Runaways?


We release a whole bunch of quizzes each week and keep our trivia super up to date. We can do themed trivia (we currently run a Movies and Music trivia, a Hip-Hop Trivia, A Vampire Trivia night and much more.

Set List

A good trivia night lasts about 2 hours. We give away killer prizes and make it fun.