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In Texas every thing is done BIG! BIG cars, BIG houses and BIG stars! Much like the Cowboys, the Rockets, this star named Trixx is a CHAMPION!


Taking himself from the streets & into the homes & hearts of the south, Trixx has become a household name for over thousands of listeners. Unlike many of the new faces of hip hop Trixx’s makes his name by talking about the streets and how to make a positive life from hardships. Like the icon that he is Trixx has been rapping for over a decade.

Trixx started writing rhymes in 1986, and it was then that he knew he had a message to deliver and that more than any thing else he wanted to make a difference in the world and the music industry. Long before hip hop became the most dominate music on the planet Trixx was in his school rhyming and telling stories of what he pictured the industry as and where he would stand in that industry. Trixx promised his family that he would make a difference. Trixx understood the responsibilities he had placed on his shoulders and focused on finishing school and perusing his career as an entertainer.

After finishing high school, Trixx educated himself on the music world by attending the Art Institute of Dallas for Music and Video Business. This was the first step in an upward spiral of this talented and phenomenal rapper. Texas had not seen a young talent that was as hungry as Trixx. They compared him to the emerging, the enormous forces of the north. Finishing school in 1993 it was time for Trixx to push even harder to make himself known to the world. Trixx performed locally and began to make his name the most common of those regarded as great emcees in Texas second only to ScarFace.

In 1995, Trixx got his break he was signed to Slick Music Records a Texas based indie. Trixx took this opportunity and ran. Trixx coined phrases like “If it don’t pertain to Green…Then it can’t make Cents!” Trixx began to spend hours in the studio, working and learning from the veterans of their staff. He performed in larger venues outside of the Texas area and began to develop a fan base because of his stage presence and freestyle capabilities. Trixx was noted as one of the hungriest young rappers the label has ever seen. Trixx became known as the horse, the linebacker because he was always there. He was an irremovable object, a figure that was in the industry for the long run. Trixx learned lessons that he could not have learned in school being signed to this indie label. He learned things about shopping your music to distributors and to stores and more importantly he learned how important relationships are in the industry. He also learned how quickly things can change.

In 1997, Slick Music Records went defunct leaving Trixx with no label and having to start over, start anew, preparing a new set of singles and recordings. This same year Trixx had to endure the most painful of all loses. In September of 1997, the first lady of Trixx’s life, his mom, passed away. The loss of his mother to cancer devastated Trixx, he felt like he had just lost his world. Trixx’s new responsibility would be to raise his two younger sisters, to help them with there pain, with their lives, and to find direction for his family. The four years to come Trixx dealt with the pain in his heart, the responsibilities of being the most prominent role model and the joys of seeing his sisters grow. Remembering the promises Trixx made his self and his dedication to making a change, Trixx jumped back into the recording booth and in 2001 he renewed his music career with Greentown Records.

Like so many Trixx doubled as office working brother, role model, father and entertainer. Trixx worked harder then ever because he felt like he had so much to lose. Now more seasoned Trixx worked on relationships that would propel him to the next level. By June of 2002, Trixx was in the driver’s seat performing in venues across the Dallas, Houston, Nebraska and Florida. Trixx spent his time on the road with his family in mind and promoting his debut single “Livin Iz Hell”. The road trips established Trixx in the United States as one of the most positive rappers to hit the scene and made several of the biggest magazines in the industry sought Trixx out for comments about his message, what he does and why he performs. During the trips Trixx has had the pleasure to meet and perform along side of hip hop icons like Scarface, Mystikal and others.

Trixx is the lone star of Greentown Records as he was set to release his debut EP titled “Livin Iz Hell”. The public reacted quickly and swiftly as his singles sold over 2,000 copies in the first six months, a great feat for an independent artist. With his numbers growing Trixx began to respond to several radio interviews and commentary about his past. By year end 2003, Trixx had sold more then 5,000 copies of “Livin Iz Hell” and the numbers were still rising. Trixx became a local celebrity and was invited to all of the celebrity concerts and events Texas had to offer.


Can't Nobody Love Me Like You Do

Written By: Trixx

Wrote By: Trixx


I want to take this time to thank you God for being there for me - and for all of the love that you’ve given me throughout all these years- I also want to thank my mother and my daughter for loving me unconditional and every body else who’ve been there through thick and thin…

Verse 1

* I was born 9-1-7-3 - And at birth I had drama,
And Livin’s been hell since I came out my mama.

* My father broke camp right before I turned six,
He glided off in his Cadillac - and we ain’t seen him since.

* He left a “Real Black Woman” - raising 9 by herself,
And she done a great job if I may say so myself.

* It got hard sometimes - but she had the Lord’s help,
I know she didn’t want to leave but cancer greeted her with death.

* But God you stayed with me - every day all the time,
Listening to me when them phonies wouldn’t pick up the line.

* And when them people in my life ain’t tryin to hear what I say,
You always listen to me when I bow my head and pray.

* And it’s good to know - If I lose all my ends,
That you will never leave like some so called friends.

* You’ve always been with me - through every separation,
From deaths – To break ups – And incarcerations.

* Since I’m a known sinner – A lot of people judge me,
But you always forgive me – And always love me.

* Even though we unworthy – Your love is always true,
Can’t nobody love us Lord just like you.

Verse 2

* Are you a “Real Black Women” – Then I pray you have my child,
It’s the way you handle things that separates you from the pile.

* I wanna take away your pain - when you look in to my eyes,
And before I break your heart – I’d rather lay it down and die.

* You never talk to other men – Cause I’m the one you love,
And I can tell your real cause you stay away from clubs.

* And when your friends run and tell you bad things about me,
You cut that short cause you ain’t bout no negativity.

* Even though the things they say – Make you have your doubts,
You never come to me wrong – You first check it out.

* But the things that they say – Never be true,
You have associates - and not friends - look at the thing they do.

* Our love grew stronger when they tried to make it worst,
And after God – I know your family comes first.

* I remember when I lost my job and baby you didn’t knock it,
You helped me regulate and kept dollars in my pocket.

* Then the time I caught the flu – You helped me get well,
I thank the Lord for you – Cause you kept me out of jail.

* You always been there for me through the drama I’ve been through,
No one can put a price tag on the things you do.

* So Just give me Tamika – And y’all can keep Madonna,
Cause ain’t no woman like a “Real Black Woman”.

* And I don’t discriminate – You can love who you choose,
But they don’t understand me – And love me like you do.


"Livin Iz Hell" released 2003

"Bop to You Drop" on charts placed number 39 out of 5000, April 2007

"Teenage Mothers and Fathers" featured on DJ K-Swiv's Unsigned Mixtape worldwide, August 2006

"Bop To You Drop" on 91.9 FM New York City, June 2006 through September 2006

"Livin Iz Hell" featured in weekly rotation at Ashford & Simpson's Sugar Bar New York City, 2004-2006

"Bop To You Drop" spinned weekly on DJ Rage's onlie radio show Chicago 2006

"Bop To You Drop" featured on MLS online radio November 2006

"All I Need" featured on Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 4 Hosted By DJ Khaled May 2007

"Can't Nobody Love Me Like You Do" featured on Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 6 Hosted By Black Wall Street's artist Juice July 2007

All Trixx music is in weekly rotation daily in 52 countries on (Hip-Hop) 2008-Present

Set List

sets last 30 minutes to one hour

contain original music from "Livin Iz Hell" CD available on

covers include: "Tupac Shakur", "LL Cool J", "Scarface"