Los Angeles, California, USA

Toby Gad (writer of "Skyscraper", "Big Girls Don't Cry") calls it finally, an "honest sound." Tawala (former Radio Director) claims her music has him "shivering like it's below 20". Troi is a new element in the pop world, ready to write her way to the top.


Originally from Atlanta, at 13, Troi moved to L.A. to begin her BA in Psychology. Between the move and the start of the school year, there was a lot of free time to fill and she filled it with music. She taught herself guitar and began writing songs in the style of Green Day and Avril Lavigne. This was only natural with music being so present in her family history.... Both parents were well-known recording artists in the 70's and 80's (Ed Irons, the drummer from Brick and Angie Irons, who recorded as Ann G.) and instilled music in Troi and her siblings at a young age.

At age 15, Troi and her twin sister, Tori, were signed by Jive Records as the pop punk band, Axiz. They played live gigs around L.A. and completed an album featuring producers/writers such as Lindy Robbins (Demi Lovato, Leona Lewis), Eman (Selena Gomez, Jordin Sparks, Jason DeRulo), and Wax Ltd (Britney Spears, Rolling Stones, Fefe Dobson). Unfortunately, in early 2010 they parted ways with the record company due to creative differences. Frustrated by the lack of progress in her career, Troi struck out on her own and went through a sort of musical cleansing.

In the late summer of 2010, Troi emerged from her experimental period and wrote a song called "When Do You Know", an angst-filled ballad pondering the existence of love. The new sound was different from the electric, produced feel that her previous project had. It was a raw, melodic-alternative sound in the vein of Florence + The Machine or Adele. Still discouraged by previous experiences with the industry, the jaded musician preferred to stay in the background and applied to Berklee College of Music for Film Scoring as a second degree. She was accepted into the 2011 class and found herself at a crossroads. Spring 2011 found her re-inspired to the path of artistry and began performing at venues around L.A. such as the Whisky a Go Go and The Pocket. With the recent release of her well-received first single, "Red", Troi is undoubtedly a rising trailblazer.


1. Red (Single)

Set List

1. When Do You Know
2. Disenchanted
3. Save Me
4. Sinking Into You
5. Something In The Way (nirvana cover)
6. In The Darkest Night
7. Red