TROLE are a roots oriented band with the ability to create various textures inside their genre. The live performances exhibit great energy and enthusiasm combined with dramatic dynamics


TROLE are a hardworking four-piece band from southwestern Ontario consisting of acoustic guitar, upright bass, electric guitar, drums and vocals. Their roots-oriented brand of modernized rock'n'roll combines some of the elements of blues, shuffle and swing with the energy of punk rock and rockabilly. Their energetic and entertaining live show has audiences coming back for more and this sweat spewing foursome has done over 650 live shows since forming in 2000. They have shared the stage with The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, D.O.A., Three Days Grace, Theory of a Deadman and worked with some of Canada's finest studio musicians such as Randy Cooke (Hilary Duff, Ronnie Hawkins, Sas Jordan), Juno winning saxophonist Richard Underhill (Shuffle Demons, Astrogroove), Pat Kilbride (Ian Hunter), Richard Bell (Janice Joplin, The Band), Fergus Marsh (Bruce Cockburn, Peter Murphy) and others.

TROLE released their untitled debut album in August of 2005 after struggling to find a record they were confident releasing. After selling out of their independent demo, The Illegal Bootleg Demos, there were two other recordings that preceded the current release, one at Metalworks and one at Firescape Recordings both in Toronto. The band pulled the plug on the Firescape recording but still plans to release the four-song Metalworks recording at another time. L. Stu Young, the working engineer for this record, has since taken up a full-time position with PRINCE but the band is still hopeful that Young will finish the record.

A Canadian tour is planned for the new record and the band is focusing on getting into the U.S. for the early part of 2006.

Current members:

J. Trole Taylor (vocal/guitar)

J. H. Taylor "The Fiddlybit Kid" (lead guitar/vocals)

STACK (upright bass/vocals)

Sultan Dhrum (drums/buckets)


Good Enough

Written By: J. Trole Taylor

We've been following the rainbow till the colours turned to white and black I hear they crucified the Lord well hey it's no skin off my back cause I'll never go to heaven in the state I'm in St. Peter's gonna ask me where the hell I've been got a bed full of secrets and a barrel of sin I'm really rollin now and do you love me now takin hundred dollar bills through a needle sticking in my vein and my baby loved the thrill till the bitch done went insane I need a girl who does more I want her down on the floor wanna make a few bucks on a video of my new whore do you love me now is that good enough for you


Written By: J. Trole Taylor

Walkin along I got a place to go I got an honest face funny kinda ugly to show I got fifteen names and picture ID I'm walkin along and I can prove I'm me I'm singin as I walk along And I don't give a damn if you rub me wrong cuz a rub is better than a kick in the teeth and I've got no time for grief well I'll walk with you till the end of the road together we can learn what can never be knowed I'm a little bit crude never been tattooed but your skin turns colour from eating fast food tell you a story really burns my ass I offered the ride and I paid for the gas but when the gas ran dry you never came round so I'm walkin all over this town well I'm walkin along and I got no bread I really don't care I might turn up dead I know what I want but I don't feel free I'm walkin along and I'm glad to be me

Drug Money

Written By: J Trole Taylor

I see you men out working fourteen fifteen hours a day then the man makes you his boy and chains you to his pay then when Mr. Government and you're already spent but they don't know where my money went drug money drug money drug money gonna save my soul I aim to know of right and wrong and it may be a sin boy you best be ready when the devil comes walkin in and don't you tell my mother no she might disown my soul to think I never learned at all drug money drug money drug money gonna stain my soul


Written By: J. Trole Taylor

When I was a young boy my dad, he caught he smoking that was a drag now I'm much older and I'm getting good at smoking and I call it a habit I start chokin and coughin and I don't feel so good right now I call it a habit what do you want from me? I'm just a human being it goes on and on and on until you're gone I guess that's the way it's supposed to be guess that's the way it will always be guess that's the way it's supposed to be I'm waiting for the next train out maybe I'm bored and tired life is a drag I don't know the answer and I just don't care about it I call it a habit

Courtin' Time

Written By: J. Trole Taylor

well it's courtin' time and I'm thinkin' oh no no I can't stand it anymore when it's courtin' time sit and wonder if all I need is someone else's whore cause I wrote them letters scribing my self mutilation now I know better my heart is leather my soul just wants your ass but the devil's gonna see me ride for sure so I'm stayin' home well it's courtin' time and this addiction always brings me to my knees yeah it's courtin' time open arms and welcome the disease when it's courtin' time I sit and wonder if I will rock n roll no more and it's courtin' time I pour my heart out just to see it wasted on the floor

Taste My Blood

Written By: J. Trole Taylor

I stole control I'll sex your soul I swear it's dangerous been waiting a long, long time I feed your needs this crowded room I see before me but isn't it lonely here oh you know I love you so with melody and wine but the things you will never know will take you every time so you wanna watch me bleed and behold me can you get enough take what you need you can't hold me but you can surely taste my blood she said sing, sing for me I cannot place the air of mystery I feel inside of you I said what you need you just want to face the curse that poisons me and feel me inside of you


Trole - Untitled debut album 2005

The Illegal Bootleg

Set List

We play up to 3 – 40 minute sets

Our own songs and creative remakes of old roots songs