Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Heavily informed about what is exciting about the last fifty years of rock and roll. A triple vocal and songwriting threat. A garagey, surfy, pop explosion! Sugar-coated but bittersweet.


Trolley is a power pop mod combo based out of Milwaukee, WI, that regularly tours the midwest and beyond. They have shared the stage with Dick Dale, Los Straightjackets, Cotton Mather, Tommy Keene, The Batusis and many like-minded pop-freak outfits. They have toured with the likes of New Found Glory and Reel Big Fish and have played Austin's SXSW and Toronto's NXNE, as well as Milwaukee's Summerfest and Chicago's International Pop Overthrow. With four cds and one 45 to their credit, Trolley entered Madison's Smart Studios to complete mixdown on their last cd, "Last Chance Dance", with engineer Mike Zirkel, who has worked with Garbage and The London Suede. Combining all the great influence of sixties pop and mod along with seventies punk and new wave, "Last Chance Dance" is truly a gem for the ages. After a long three year hiatus, Trolley has just finished their as-yet-untitled third full-length cd with Ryan Weber and Nick Sanborn of Milwaukee's Decibully. With a kitchen-sink production and Trolley's trademark melodies, harmonies and charging guitars, this one's gonna be a BLOWUP!!!


Love's a Twister (e.p.)
Put a Gun To You (45 single)
Star of Wonder (Christmas e.p.)
Here Comes Summer (surf instro e.p.)
Head Vs. Heart (full-length)
Last Chance Dance (full-length)

Untitled 2010 (full-length)