Troop 47

Troop 47


Troop 47,"blended rock" from a group growing up in the MTV generation. They combine intelligent pop music, with a focus on irresistable hooks, rock theatrics, and some ass-shakin' beats.


VH1 called Troop 47 New York’s “undiscovered genius.” For 18 months the network hired a production crew to follow the band, capture every thought by way of personal confessionals, and film the gigs—with the ultimate enticement of landing Troop 47 a record deal and airing the chronicles on a reality TV show.

VH1 decided to not air the show. “We were disappointed at first,” says lead singer Frankie Gabriel. “But then we realized that it would only make us stronger.” And stronger they are. Troop 47 just put out their third self-release, Remains of the Radio, that displays their style of pop rock with a 70s vibe. The band is also preparing to hit the road starting Spring ’04, showing why local critics have defined them as the “band that captures the crowd every show.”

And capture they do. Lead singer Frankie Gabriel flails about the stage like a slippery fish out of water. The crowd loves Frankie, or they love to hate him. Either way he carries enough charisma for 10 bands, and—love him or hate him—people cannot take their eyes off of him.

Troops 47 formed four years ago and since have caught the ears of music notables:

• Worked with studio greats such as Joe Blaney (The Clash, Blues Traveler, Keith Richards), U.E. Nastasi (Metallica, Wu Tang Clan), Emily Lazzar (David Bowie, Third Eye Blind, TLC), Jim Sabella (Marcy Playground, Public Enemy)
• Performed with Rusted Root, Rat Dog, Antigone Rising.
• Played the Soprano’s James Gandolfini’s annual restaurant opening celebration in Oneonta, New York.

As Troop 47 re-groups after the VH1 episode they’ll be taking their music on the road. This is the band. This is the sound.


Rivington, LP, 2000
Monsters & Marbles, LP, 2002
Remains of the Radio, LP, 2004

Live Ammunition, 2001, Various Live Performances
Bootleg 2003, Live Recording, June 12, 2003

Set List

You're gonna love our sets... We Rock! We are capable of construting sets for any situation with a catalog quickly growing towards one hundred songs. From "lounge" sets to "arena-rock" sets, we got it covered.