Pasadena, California, USA

Troop is the R&B Group from Los Angeles known world wide for bringing billboard charting hits like "All I Do" & Spread My Wings" to the world. known for their captivating harmony & explosive dance styles, Troop is back touring & finishing up a new album. Look out for their current single "Thizzle".


Entering a music industry that at the time already had the great success of other male R&B groups, Troop had their work cut out for them with distinguishing themselves from the rest, but from the moment they made their official entrance in 1989 Troop quickly set themselves apart from other groups with their captivating harmony & explosive dance styles. The internationally recognized R&B Sensation known as Troop got its start in the late 80s after they won a televised talent contest that later drew interest from record labels & fans alike. Hailing from Pasadena, CA where they are still based Troop consisting of childhood friends Steve Russell, Allen McNeil, John Harreld, Rodney Benford, & Reggie Warren signed to Atlantic Records and released their debut single “Mamacita” off of their self titled album in 1989. “Mamacita” reached number two on the Billboard R&B Charts & quickly established Troop as a group that fans would take serious notice of.

Troop established a reputation as a group that could easily combine high quality live singing with intricate dance routines that would have the crowds in shock at their ability to do both so well. After the success of the debut album, Troop followed up with “Attitude” a album that would become known as a classic for hit songs like “Spread My Wings” & All I Do Is Think of You” which both climbed to number one on the Billboard R&B charts & also simultaneously remained in the top 10 on the charts for weeks. “Attitude” was certified Platinum in 1990 & then Troop released their third album Deepa in 1992 which saw their single “Sweet November” go straight to number one on the Billboard R&B charts as well. The group followed the “Deepa” album with two more albums “A Lil Sumpin Sumpin”(1994) & “Mayday”(1998) which both have coincidentally been re-released in 2005 demonstrating a sign that Troop’s music remains in high demand.

After releasing “Mayday” in 1998, Troop took a hiatus & individual members worked behind the scenes on various projects such as writing, producing, collaborating, and other business endeavors. Troop became well known over the years for their strong live performances which landed them as headliners of world wide tours as well as the opportunity to tour with other fellow national recording artists.

In 2004 Troop returned to the scene as a unit & immediately began touring across the United States & finishing up their sixth album. The group has also been promoting its hot new single “Thizzle” which is making its way to radio stations across the United States & overseas. Since returning Troop has headlined a number of shows & also shared the stage with many industry veterans that they also toured with in the past such as Boyz II Men, Brian McKnight, Keith Sweat, Silk, Mario, & Jon B. to name a few. Troop has built quite the resume with four number one singles & ten top 10 singles on the Billboard R&B Charts. They have also completed five albums, which includes three certified Gold & one certified Platinum album.

Troop also took their abilities to another level when in 1998 they formed their own production company Acts Entertainment & teamed up with Independent label Warrior Records to release their album “Mayday.” Lead singers Allen McNeil & Steve Russell Executive Produced the entire album that received quite a few positive reviews from many sources including Billboard which stated “impeccable vocals, catchy lyrics, melody, [and] harmony.” Urban Network showcased “Mayday: as an editor’s choice” as well as other magazines that praised the album such as Vine, Impact, & Sister to Sister. Troop has also been showcased on David Letterman, Soul Train, Arsenio Hall, Showtime at the Apollo, & appeared in the feature film “New Jack City” singing a capella where they were also on the soundtrack title song along with Queen Latifah & Levert. Troop continues to fill concert venues with excited fans who are still amazed by their performance. Look forward to seeing & hearing more from Troop at a venue near you or on their upcoming album.


Albums:"Troop" (debut)
"A Lil Sumpin Sumpin"

Singles: "All I Do Is Think of You"
"Spread My Wings"
"I Will Always Love You"
"Sweet November"
" That's My Attitude"

Set List

Following are some of songs TROOP can perform during concert.

“All I Do Is Think Of You”
“Spread My Wings”
“I Will Always Love You”
"That's My Attitude"
“Next To Me”
“The Way I Parlay”
“Over The Moon”
“Keep You Next To Me”
“My Love”
“Another Lover”

Set length can vary.