Toronto, Ontario, CAN

***Opening For Squeeze Aug 8th at the Bandshell Park in Toronto***

Melody driven storytelling. Rock but not afraid to celebrate the pop whims that emerge.


After holing up in a small Toronto townhouse for the best part of a year, Trophy has emerged with a debut album of finely-crafted songs. We cranked the knobs, all of them, turned the black ones all the way up and then pulled them all back on every track, explains singer Kirt Godwin. What remains is a stripped-down rock album, brimming with
melody-driven storytelling that is both a study in contrast and a celebration of subtlety.

Trophy continues to build their audience and live resume appearing with acts such as Bon Jovi, John Mayer, Squeeze, Kid Rock, Sarah Mclachlan and more.

Trophy has also been featured on popular television shows such as "Lifes A Zoo" on the Cartoon Network and the CTV series "Whistler".

"Above The Foo Fighters meets Squeeze...a truly excellent sound."
Paul Langlois - guitarist/songwriter,
The Tragically Hip

"Trophy's debut record is an emotional journey that will leave you with a broken heart and a sense of where the world of rock and roll is headed." - Kyle Riabko - Recording artist Aware/Columbia Records

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Doing Well

Written By: Derek Downham

rolling streets, lazy beats
coffee @ 1
son of a gun
traffic lights, bar room fights
they don't phase me, coffee @ 3
open hands, cry demands
pockets empty
like a disease it goes on


fly fly fly
I know you'll be doing well
goodbye, bye, bye
I'm sure you'll be doing well

anxiety, caucaphany, wakes me from sleep, wasn't too deep
walked downtown, same old clowns
they don't phase me
turning a cheek
sexy honey, talking to me
sweet as a peach
just out of reach
can't hold on


How Did You Get This Way

Written By: Derek Downham

How Did You Get This Way - Trophy

you've got your mother's picture, it's hanging on the wall
your life is in your luggage, that you're stowing down the hall
your mirrors lying horizontal, tripping over empty bottles
while your friends are outside, they're waiting for your call

you can't afford this lesson, but you bought in anyway
now your vocal chords are missing, there's so much you want to say
your friends advice is quintessential, you think they're all just going mental
the insults were in jest, but you swallowed anyway

my love how did you get this way love
what brought on all this weight love
open up your arms, the angels want to listen
but the devil you've been kissing all night long

you think you're very clever, but you guard yourself with hate
you see your life as chess, but you've castled far too late
I can't believe the innocence that I thought you could once posses
your minions are all grinning, they're just counting down the days

when everything comes crashing, we'll be with you through and through
I see that silver lining, but you've painted it with blue
you're skiing to the bottom, so you feel like you're on top
the rumors are all true
we're still waiting here for you

there's more to life than this, you're still searching for the bliss you had the first
time that you kissed the devil's lips

now you're washed up on the shore, there's no feeling anymore
our love is growing tired, and the warranty's expired

CHORUS X 2 out


TROPHY: Trophy
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First single "How Did You Get This Way" serviced to Canadian radio and hits 30 on the Hot 103 charts in Winnipeg

Trophy's song, "How Did You Get This Way", has been chosen as a top finalist in the INTERNATIONAL SONGWRITERS COMPETITION's Pop/Rock category. The judges for the ISC include Frank Black (Pixies), Tom Waits, Julian Casablancas (The Strokes), Ray Davies (The Kinks), Robert Smith (the
Cure), plus several other world famous songwriters and producers. The
Trophy song has been chosen out of thousands of entrants form all over the world.

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Can play a set of all original music up to 75 min. in length