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Trophy Wife Live! at the Zoo
released to streaming audio:
1. I could never,
2. Apparently everything's alright...Apparently
3. Ktown git down

Trophy Wife- cheater single
1. I could Never
3. Straight home (Baby)



A few facts about Trophy Wife:
1. Trophy Wife is the reason Waldo is hiding.
2. Trophy Wife doesn’t get frostbite. Trophy Wife bites frost.
3. When the members of Trophy Wife do pushups, they aren’t lifting themselves up; they’re pushing the earth down.
Essentially Trophy Wife is the new Chuck Norris. Well okay maybe not, however Trophy Wife is a group of musicians with a common goal: To create a robot so big that the entire US military could be wiped out by the simple stomping of this demonic machines foot…No wait, actually Trophy Wife is a four piece dirt bike rock band from the steamy jungles of Winnipeg Mb. TW was formed in the spring of 2005 when four musicians of different musical styles banded together to create a…well…a band. Influenced by many genres the boys have melded all of their favorite styles, which include rock, punk, groove, and stoner rock (to name a few) into one of their very own. Too heavy to play with the indie rock kids but too groovy to play with the metal bands, Trophy Wife plays music that they like…and they hope you like it too.
Currently TW is putting the finishing touches on their long awaited record, so while you wait come on down to a show and take a listen. You’ve come this far. Why not go all the way?