tropicana Steel Pan

tropicana Steel Pan

 Hamilton, Hamilton city, BMU

Robert reinterprets on the steel pan soothing and relaxing easy listening popular favorites and classic standards setting the right tone and the perfect tropical ambience to complement any occasion


Steel pan music is unique in both sound and your own personal perception of each individual song. The tunes are easily recognizable, with one exception, what you will hear and how it makes you feel is different for each individual listener. It also depends where you want the music to take you…perhaps that memorable once in a lifetime cruise you took, or someone’s special wedding reception, or memories of walking on a pink sandy beach in the Bermuda sun will come to mind. This music is a one-way ticket to your own personal paradise, featuring lovely relaxing steel pan rhythms and the familiar syncopations of sequenced bass, guitar and keyboards, the backbeat that helps to make the steel pan as warm as a tropical island breeze.


Robert has produced three CD's titled Tropicana Steel Pan - Bermuda Vol. 1, 2 and 3. On the three volumes of soothing relaxing easy listening popular favorites and classic standards, he works his way with panache, style and gracefulness. All selections were arranged and sequenced performed and produced by this artist. The recordings feature his eclectic style and approach with modern music hits, utilizing all the tools known within the genre.

Volume 1 is a full of mellow interludes while Volume 2 features more upbeat and transitional adaptations of popular tunes you have learned to love over the years. “Unforgettable,” “Crazy,” “This Magic Moment."

You will recognize many, if not all of these tunes. It is quite amazing how Symons coaxes all of these beautiful rhythms and sounds from his steel pan set. A James Taylor classic “Handyman,” opens Volume 3 and it sets the mood just right and puts a warm feeling in your heart. Taylor’s music was always good for those warm fuzzy feelings. I love Lulu’s timeless tune “To Sir With Love,” there is just something about that song that pulls on my heartstrings and I think about the movie with Sydney Poitier. It really is something how the instrumental takes on these songs can stir up so many things in your mind.

Symons has the right approach with this series of releases, take some of the best-known tunes, and make them his own with the help of the steel drums. He gives you a chance to relive all the feelings and emotions that go along with each time tested tune. Breathing some of that tropical way of living into the tunes with some of the most simple and relaxing music there is what the result is of this fine effort accomplishes. Once again, directly from Bermuda, the steel drums will steal you away for a while. Trust me, this music is a wonderful relaxing tool, try it you will like it.