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Trouble - Against The Grain
Trouble - "Dying To Live"



What is the theme of most rap music? What topics do most artists typically stick to? Whether it's hustlin', girls, skills, or whatever, most rappers focus on self elevation. Explaining to everyone how and why YOU are the greatest.

My aim has exaltation in mind too, but not mine. Even if I have talent or skills or whatever it's only because it's been given to me. My purpose in life or in death is to bring glory to God. To SHINE the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ so that it blazes through the darkness, useful to restore sinful man to a loving relationship with holy God.

I grew up being poisoned and brainwashed listening to rappers like Biggie, Pac, Bone Thugs, Cube and whoever else, talented as they be, spit death and their fans blindly stumble into the inevitable pitfalls.

My mission statement is to make rap music that I can still perform when I get to heaven. Pure, biblically sound, Christ exalting, real, without compromising excellence. Not fans, money and fame, but Christ, disciples, and worship.

I was once trouble to all that it is good.
Now I'm Trouble to the kingdom of darkness.