BandHip Hop

Bangin' beats, catchy hooks, & smooth lyrics that glorify and focus on the Lord Jesus. Some people might never set foot in a church and this is a tool that can reach out beyond the church walls and connect with people right where they're at.


What is the theme of most rap music? What topics do most artists typically stick to? Whether it's hustlin', girls, skills, or whatever, most rappers focus on self elevation. Explaining to everyone how and why YOU are the greatest.

My aim has exaltation in mind too, but not mine. Even if I have talent or skills or whatever it's only because it's been given to me. My purpose in life or in death is to bring glory to God. To SHINE the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ so that it blazes through the darkness, useful to restore sinful man to a loving relationship with holy God.

I grew up being poisoned and brainwashed listening to rappers like Biggie, Pac, Bone Thugs, Cube and whoever else, talented as they be, spit death and their fans blindly stumble into the inevitable pitfalls.

My mission statement is to make rap music that I can still perform when I get to heaven. Pure, biblically sound, Christ exalting, real, without compromising excellence. Not fans, money and fame, but Christ, disciples, and worship.

I was once trouble to all that it is good.
Now I'm Trouble to the kingdom of darkness.


Holy Holy Holy

Written By: Trouble

help me to tell
help me to spell hell
help me for real so the people will yell help
God does not want the wicked to die
the wickedest guy could turn and live
in Jesus Christ
the wicked man sicker than sipholus
listen up / your gonna die
give it up switch it up it's enough
with your drugs with your guns
with your rum switch and run
God 'll judge it'll come
do it now hurry run
don't look back just stay on the right track
when the devil comes strapped
just be strong and fight back
friends might laugh and a couple might crack jokes
others might pass smoke
brother i've passed those
trials and test
so keep denying to flesh
and keep your eye on the cross
He'll be providing the rest
He lives inside of your chest
so be holy hate evil
live in the light because it proves your real

He's sick of the wickedness
He's tired of games
the sinners destiny ends in fire and flames
He looks down upon man
who thinks he's the bomb and
with a strong hand
you'll be sinking in palm sand
so wassup boy you'd better check your status
i guarantee God don't respect your habits
your a sinner by nature and the rest is baggage
chasing after paper and i catch you braggin
your skills don't impress God - He let you have em
i suggest you put faith in the second Adam
the amazing grace is that He let's you grab Him
with the same filthy hands used to catch and stab Him
i hope you realize you're a wretched man and
the only way out is to accept Lamb of
God listen hard don't reject the manna
the key to life Jesus Christ raise your hands up

who you really think holds the moon and stars up
who made the coffee bean you brew at starbucks
wasn't me or Diddy only fools are starstruck
these dudes they are just dudes we are yupps
people are created in the image of God where
everything He gave us here resembles the Father
don't even bother with American Idols
show love to the Creator the God of the Bible
get down hit the ground
praise Him now do it loud
face down if you found
truth that God is renowned
don't be too proud to bow before God
response should be wow the longer your on
your knees before the one who made the seas to roar
easter or the four seasons before reason
out to all my brothers know that Christ is King
all together now let the righteous sing

Holy - Holy is the Lord God almighty!
Holy - Holy is the Lord God almighty!
Holy - Holy is the Lord God almighty!
Who was and is to come!

Psalm 24: 3-5
"Who can ascend the hill of the Lord?
and stand in His holy place?
the man with clean hands and a pure heart,
who doesn't lift up his soul to idols
or swear by what is false.
This man will receive blessing from the Lord
and vindication from God his Savior."


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Set List

15 min - 1 hour depending on the need.