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The best kept secret in music


"On The Way To Diaster review-Philadelphia City Paper"

Trouble Everyday
On the Way to Disaster

This is just a guess, but I think Trouble Everyday would like a do-over. See, first time around, things were kinda rocky: Their debut, Days vs. Nights, got a 7.7 from Pitchfork, but might've been one post-punk CD too many back in '03. The band landed some decent gigs, like opening for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on Penn's Landing, and did well with them, but grew frustrated with the local scene and eventually, curiously, publicly, swore off playing their hometown.

Now tempers have cooled, dust has settled and post-punk seems like a silly thing to call a kind of music. It's time to start over with Trouble Everyday, and On the Way to Disaster is a great excuse to get reacquainted. Kyle Costill's swaggering sing-shout does the navigating but guitarist Darren Morze is the driver, swerving aggressively between verse and chorus. When the riffs aren't casual and distant they're grooving and relentless. And everything's tight, tight, tight. "Pedestrian" is a rumbling adrenaline rush with an appropriately dickheaded refrain: "Could you care if you wanted?" The deceptively pessimistic "You Are What You Believe" is similarly caffeinated and catchy, but undermined by a fade-away ending when a strong, screaming finish might have better sealed the deal. Still, it's the sort of catchy, buzzing, sexified rock 'n' roll song you'll probably hear on a Nokia commercial in six months. One of the good ones, I mean. Still, as much as this is our my-bad/bygones reintroduction to Trouble Everyday, it's worth noting that two of Days vs. Nights' most memorable tracks, "Code Word" and the angsty "Written in Snakes," have reemerged here. See, even the bad old days weren't all bad.

Patrick Rapa- Arts & Entertainment Editor

Trouble Everyday's CD release party, Wed., April 25, $5, 9 p.m., with Joe Jack Talcum, L'Etage, 624 S. Sixth St., 215-592-0656,
- Philadelphia City Paper, April 19, 2007


Full Length:
Days Vs. Nights- Turnstile Records 2004
On The Way To Disaster- Vacuous Pop UK 2007

Sympathy- Basic Funtion 2005

Codeword- Vacuous Pop UK 2007

Several tracks from both of our full length releases recieve radio airplay on Y-Rock internet radio, Skin Radio, radio 104.5 WRFF Philadelphia, WPRB Princeton radio, among others. Also we have appeared on the John Peel show.

Trouble Everyday was also featured on an URBAN OUTFITTERS Back To School sampler cd along with Elliot Smith, Bjork, The Libertines and others in 2004.


Feeling a bit camera shy



Trouble Everyday have supported The Killers on a USA tour. They have also played in the USA and UK with bands such as FRANZ FERDINAND, YEAH YEAH YEAHS, BUZZCOCKS, BATTLES, SAVES THE DAY and many more.

Trouble Everyday have finished recording On The Way To Disaster and will be touring soon.