The Troublefakers

The Troublefakers


Since forming in their cousin's garage in Seattle, The Troublefakers broke into the indie rock scene in 2005 with their debut album, Lazy. The band's latest album, Bed, fuses Wynne C. Blue's poignant hooks with euphoric guitar parts to generate a bevy of chart-topping rave-ups.


About The Troublefakers:

Wynne C Blue fronts this powerful originals pop/rock band, based out of Seattle, Washington. The Troublefakers feature players from such local outfits as UCA, Alectrophobia and The Universe.

Vocally, Blue is compared to such stand-outs as Natalie Merchant, Carrie Akre and Rosanne Cash; she is an authority on 80's new wave and pop/rock in general, complemented by a hidden love of old school crooners like Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett, and can deliver anything from lounge classics to blistering hard rock ballads with soul, power and perfection.

The Troublefakers offer an entertaining, eccentric and accessible show, performing a variety of original and popular compositions ranging from folk ballads to high-energy pop and indie rock.

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More Trouble
2006 EP

Set List

Broken Man
It Was on the Radio
Day By Day
What a Joy
Hearts & Minds
Beautiful Girl
Will I Ever Know
Ghost Story