Trouble Over Tokyo

Trouble Over Tokyo

 Vienna, Vienna, AUT

'This is a guy who writes effortlessly well constructed songs – has a voice that could simultaneously sculpt glass, and reassure abandoned kittens – and has invented a sound all of his own, a truly post-modern mix that should make him all-encompassing - 4.5/5" -, UK


A lot has changed since Toph Taylor, DIY purveyor of so-called “Indielectro Angstpop”, made his debut album back in 2005. Back then, his bedroom-studio in southeast London had no speakers, and was full of boxes; Trouble Over Tokyo – 1000 had been created, and was taking up space in the living room, bedroom and kitchen. Little did he know quite how far those self-funded copies of his first record would take him.

After a string of bizarre coincidences, and the emergence of Myspace, Taylor found himself touring with the record in Austria – and the mix of singer-songwriter style with lo-fi R&B production contained within 1000's ten tracks began to make waves back home too. Several labels in the UK made enquiries about the hand-drawn, hand-made demo debut, and were watching and waiting.

Jump forward to 2007, and Trouble Over Tokyo's professional debut album, Pyramides, is released by Vienna-based indie label Schoenwetter. The album came out late-August, in Austria only, to enormous critical acclaim; picking up Album of the week on the nation's most influential alternative radio station, FM4, a cover story in alt-art magazine The Gap and regular international radio play.

A year later Pyramides is taken on by Klein Records, and released worldwide. Earning many more plaudits, Trouble Over Tokyo's second offering was often recognised as the middle-ground between Thom Yorke and Justin Timberlake, and was even recommended for Mercury Prize shortlisting by The Daily Telegraph (UK).

So. A lot has changed. Taylor, for one, now lives and writes in Vienna, supported live by some of the hottest talents of the Vienna music scene – and is recording his eagerly awaited third album The Hurricane in studios located in Vienna, London and Oslo.

A lot has changed.


2008: "Pyramides" (schoenwetter/Klein)
2011: "The Hurricane" (schoenwetter)